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Monday, 26 August 2013

English Performance Task (SST's Got Talent)

Group members: Jia wei, Sean, Benjamin and Liying


EL Performance Task Template

Class : S109



1. What are the advertising techniques that will be incorporated in this task? State at least two of them.
  • Testimonial
  • Snob Appeal 2
2. Why have we chosen these?

More people can be influenced by their greed for fame/money. They will feel more inspired to join when they see a famous person joined it before. They would be lured when they hear the benefits of getting their talent noticed.

Language Features

1. What are the language features that will be incorporated in this task? State all of them.

  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Imperative
  • Hyperbole

2) Why have we chosen these?

We have chosen these as they can encourage the students to take part in the SST’s Talent Show, for example using hyperbole to add colour to the advertisement.

Meeting schedule

Reflection Questions (Individual)

  1. What is the PACC of this task?

  1. How can I contribute to the group? What are my strengths?

  1. How often can I meet to discuss with my groupmates? 

  1. How can I ensure that every member’s idea is carefully considered prior to making a decision?

Li Ying:

  1. P: To showcase the SST’s Talent Show and encouraging the students to join.
    A: SST Students
    C: Encouraging and enthusiastic
    C: Clips of a part of previous talent shows
2. I can help with leading the group and guide them along.
3. We meet up about once to twice a week.
4. Note down the suggestions each member says and discuss together.


1. The purpose is to promote SST’s Talent show.
2. I can give ideas and help with the moviemaking as I’m quite good with digital stuff.
3. At least once a week.
4. By listening to everyone’s ideas before finalizing the idea.

Jia Wei:

1. P: Let people be aware of SST’s talent show and to inspire them to participate.
    A: SST Students 
    C: Formal, encouraging and enthusiastic.
    C: Clips from the previous SST’s got talents
2. iMovie video editing
3. Once a week
4. We can come together online or in person to hear each ones ideas.

Sean Lim:

1. The purpose of this task is to promote the SST talent show and encourage them to take part.
2. I know how to use iMovie so I can help in editing
3. Quite often as my CCAs are only on Monday and Thursday
4. Remind the leader to take note of everyone’s suggestions 

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