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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Activities for Today's Lesson (23 August 2013)

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

1. Link for Activity Sheet:

2. Analyzing Ad Slogans:

a. In your groups, discuss the qualities that make your assigned brand's slogan persuasive.
b. Select a representative to present the key points from your discussion.

3. Composing Ad Slogans:

a. Select a real-world item you would like to sell.
b. Download and save a photo of it from the internet.
c. Use any of the techniques listed on the whiteboard to come up with a persuasive slogan for your item.
d. Prepare a keynote presentation in the following format (1 slide for each item):

1. Group Name
2. Names of Members
3. Name and Picture of Item
4. Intended Use of Item
5. Slogan
6. Technique Used

7. Intended Audience and Effect of Slogan


Miss Esha

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