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Friday, 12 July 2013

Writing and Reading Aloud Practice (With Shi Qiang and Ray)

Role: A research professor asking his boss whether he can have more funds for 2 new research assistants.

Here is the link to the actual text:

Here are the videos:

a. Ray

b. Shi Qiang


  1. Shi Qiang can practice his reading by reading english literature out loud. This will help him to improve his oral reading skills.

    Overall, he did quite well, considering his native language is not English, but Chinese.

    Shi Qiang: 7/12

  2. Ray: 11/12. Loud and clear, nice emphasis on certain parts.
    Shi Qiang: 9/12. Expressionless on sometimes. However not much stuttering and pronunciation errors.

  3. Ray: 11/12 Must I say anything?
    Shiqiang: 8/12: i can't hear him clearly. but still goin to give him a benefit of doubt again

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  5. Ray: In class, I'll give you a 10/12 in class, but in drama, I'll have to give you 7/12, but don't pay attention to this part just yet, I'll tell you why next time if you ask.

    But you should be looking at the one in class, and it's not bad, but you need to emphasise on some words, and have you been doing your tongue exercises for your "lazy tongue"?

    Shi Qiang: 4/12 I really can't hear what he's saying, and he is expressionless and stuttering, so I really can't give him the marks.