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Friday, 12 July 2013

Sean and Jåvier's video recording


  1. 10/12, only problem is Javier's accent is a little messed up.

  2. Javier has an accent has a very funny accent. However, he should only use this accent when the text requires him too, to reduce pronounication errors.

    Both Sean and Jaiver are clear in their speaking and dialogue.

    Javier: 10/12

    Sean 9/12

  3. 10/12 overall. Pronunciation was off at certain parts. However, the accent was a nice touch to the scenario.

  4. 9/12. Javier's accent isnt helping anything to be honest. Both still manage to pull off a decent one though

  5. Sean : 9/12
    Sean's narrating was too "controlled" . It wasn't too natural.

    Javier : 10/12
    Though your story states that the doctor has a weird accent, you don't have to go that far to have a really weird accent. It may not be very clear what you're saying.

  6. 8/12. Overall, it was great :) Javier, you made me laugh (AWESOME), but the bad thing is that i couldn't really understand your words, especially the weird accent made it quite difficult to hear your words (no offence). Remember, if you guys want to make the teachers laugh (which might also give you extra marks), careful with the enunciation. Sean, not too bad. Just make it more natural, like what Axel said. Great job guys!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. 10/12. I think that you guys did well but at some parts, you're didn't express much. But throughout the video I could understand, So.... Good job :D