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Friday, 19 July 2013

Scenarios For Informal Email By Kenneth Kiang, Ho Jia Wei and Ng Wei Jie

Scenarios for an Informal Email

In groups of 3:

Part 1: Brainstorm for scenarios that require you to write a persuasive informal email to a relative in order to persuade him/her to do something.

Possible Scenarios
- Persuading a relative to come to Singapore
- Persuading a relative to go to a country
- Trying to persuade a relative that life will get better
- Trying to persuade a family member to stop gambling
- Persuading a relative to lend you money
- Persuading your brother to help you send some information to you
- Persuading your cousin to tell you more about his school

Chosen Scenario (and going further in depth of the scenario)
A family member has Emailed you to ask you to send some more money to him as he said that he has “family problems”, but you know he is gambling his money away because his daughter, or your cousin who is constantly afraid that he would take her has told you about his addiction of going to Marina Bay Sands everyday.

You are to write a sample informal Email to ask your uncle to stop gambling.

Use PAC to help you with your sample Email.

Submission date: 19 July 2013 (Today)

Send the sample Email to Miss Esha by today, but instead of typing her name in the “Dear ….” part, type down the name of your chosen name instead.


To persuade your relative to stop gambling.


To persuade your uncle, Benjamin, to stop gambling his money away and scheduled a job interview with a company for him.

Tone & Register

Serious, persuasive

Part 2: Email

To: esha_ghose@sst.edu.sg
Subject: RE: Family Problems

Dear Uncle Benjamin,

I’ve just received your email and I understand that you are facing family problems right now but just be honest with me, I already know why you need the money for; you are already back to your old self again, throwing your money away.

Just listen to me, gambling will get you nowhere, you need to support your family and this is not going to help them. I know that it is not easy to get rid of your addiction so it will take time and dedication. You have to stop this addiction as soon as possible. Anyways, if you have difficulties stopping your addiction, do not hesitate to call NCPG at 1800-6-668-668 .

You still have hope, I have just scheduled a job interview with a suitable company interested in you. Please stop gambling. Your family is on the verge of trouble with you. They have nothing to do with gambling, but you are pulling them into hot soup as well.
I really hope you stop gambling once and for all.

Your Sincerely,
Donovan Neo

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