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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

research :information texts by yong liang and yang teng

1)information text are texts that inform you of specific thing like a meeting
2)I believe FAQs will have lots of information text because they inform you how to do a specific thing
3)there are 5 of them: description: describe the information like how to do something
 ,problem and solution : tells you a problem and the author gives his/her solution
, compare and contrast:compares one situation to another giving information,e.g. difference between apple and orange ,
cause and effect:tells you the cause and the effect of that action
and sequence :tells you the progress of the situation you are informing.
4)the language features include :contents , index ,heading , subtitles , glossary ,captions , pics,labeled diagrams, close-ups , cutaways ,types of prints , bullet texts , boxed information , maps , tables , similes , paragraphs and speech bubbles

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