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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading practice- Shaun and Donovan

We choose the first scenario, which is a surgeon comforting his patient about his next operation.

The passage

        “Will I be okay, doctor?” the patient asked nervously before a major operation. The doctor proceeded to wipe the sweat from his brow, “Relax Mr Stark, you’re in good hands.” 
        Unsure about his safety, Mr Stark asked again with a sense of urgency, “I repeat myself, will I be okay?” “I have perform countless operations just like this and I assure you, all will go well.” the surgeon answered. He still felt insecure, and said with a tinge of fear in his voice, “Alright then, get on with it.”

aaand here's the recording


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  2. Both Donovan and Shaun can be a little louder.

    Donovan could also have expressed more emotion in Mr. Stark's voice.

    Donovan: 8/12

    Shaun: 7/12

  3. Both of you are a little too soft. Speak a little louder.

    Shaun's OK with expressing the emotions, but then maybe Donovan should work a little harder on that.

    So, here are the marks I'll give:

    Shaun: 8/12
    Donovan: 9/12

  4. 10/12 overall. Both of you were expressive for most of the paragraph. However, at certain dialogues, the emotions go wrong and do not fit into the scenario.

  5. Okay...
    Shaun 10/12

    Needs a little more emotions. Be a little clearer too. When you're speaking dialogue, try not to slur your words. It's a little weird for a surgeon to talk in this manner.

    Donovan 10/12

    Needs more emotions while narrating. Yeap more emotions... Your narrating sounds a little monotonous. Also certain ways when you're talking don't match with the context.