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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading Dramatically Practice (Jeron Kor and Kenneth Mah)

Paragraph/Not-a-script thingy

    "Good morning kids," greeted the PE teacher, Mr Koh. The selected students replied, "Good morning Mr Koh!"
    "Today, we are going to have a special fitness programme, are you excited?" Mr Koh said as he looked at a certain group of students.
    "Did you know that exercising helps you combat diseases and also improves your mood?" Mr Koh then went on to tell the students more benefits of exercising such as promoting better sleep and also being fun.
     At the end of the day, the kids realised how important exercising is and also learnt how fun it was!


  1. His voice is clear and loud.

    The tone of Jeron's voice is also nice, but it is the same tone throughout the whole text. What he can do is to practice his reading more, so that he can express more variation and thus more emotion into his reading.

    Jeron: 8/12

  2. Kenneth Mah ?/12
    Didn't even read anything... ._.
    Jeron 10/12
    Needs more enthusiasm. Emotions are okay...