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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading aloud practice by Johanna and Yang Teng (Question 10)

  The doorbell rang. Jane rose up from the couch and crept up to the door as timid as a mouse. Her children stood behind her, standing rooted to the ground, too frightened to move. Jane mustered her courage and opened the door. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she tried to decipher who it was.

  A burly man with torn and tattered clothes appeared at the door. Jane was appalled to see her husband in this state but gave a deadpan expression. As soon as the children saw their father, they hid inside their rooms. Once her husband stepped foot into the house, he ran as fast as he could to his room, hoping to find expensive and exquisite things to pawn. "You know what you have done. Now stop it. You have squandered all our savings! Didn't we settle this the last time? We are supposed to build a stable environment for the children." Jane spoke in a melancholic voice. "I can't! I am trying to make a steady income for the family! It is just my luck, give me time, I am sure I will fix this. Don't you understand?" John replied in a fit of pique.

  Tears welled up in Jane's eyes but she blinked it away. "No. I do not understand you anymore! Has gambling taken your soul away?" Jane fought back. This was going to be a long night for the family.


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  2. Johanna's voice is clear and loud. Yang Teng's voice could be a little louder. Overall, both did an okay job at expressing emotion while reading.

    Johanna: 11/12

    Yang Teng: 8/12

  3. Yang Teng needs to speak more clearly,His expressions are okay but there is still room for improvement.
    I could say he did good as he was not speaking without any emotion but of course he still can improve on it.
    Johanna spoke pretty well.Her expression was good and spoke fluently and smooth.She also spoke loud and clear.

  4. 9/12 overall. There was a proper introduction and end. However, I feel that more emotion could be put into most of the dialogues. Sometimes there are unnecessary emphasis on words as well as pacing errors.

  5. Johanna 11/12
    Clear and loud.. Expressions are good, emotions are good.

    Yang Teng 9/12
    Perhaps you should have read some of the speeches in a "gambler" tone. Needs more emotions though. Speak up a little bit more.