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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reading Aloud Practice by Augustine and Li Ying (Not F.A. anymore!!!)

Our Scenario is about: Surgeon

The passage:
        “I’m scared!” he screamed. Lying on the hospital bed, beads of perspiration flowed down his face as he was getting prepared for the surgery. 
        The surgeon puts on his gloves, pulling them back and letting them slap on with a loud "thwack!". "Don't worry, you'll be fine." he said, arranging the tools on the tray. 
        The surgeon told the patient to think of something pleasant and forget about the surgery. The surgeon also said that he would have anaesthesia before the surgery starts, so he would not even know the surgery is underway.
        "Really?" the patient was doubtful. His hands were clammy and shivering with fear. He had never seen the tools used in surgery and seeing it for the first time, intimidated him. But then, he slowly started to trust the surgeon after he continuously assured him while making the final preparations. In the end, he agreed to carry on with the surgery. 
         The surgeon then jabbed the needle into his arm, and his eyes grew heavy, and then fell into the depths of oblivion. 

Here's our recording (Axel put his finger into the camera when Augustine was speaking):


  1. Li Ying's voice is very clear and loud. However, there could be more emotion in her voice.

    Li Ying: 9/12

    Augustine's voice is also clear and loud. There is also more variation in his voice.

    Augustine: 10/12

  2. Li Ying's voice is loud and clear but she reads monotonously and her expression of the character can be improved. She stumbled a bit.
    Her mark will be: 8/12

    Augustine's voice is loud and clear, with emotion. His pace was okay, some parts were a little fast but I was still able to understand.
    His mark will be: 10/12

  3. 9/12 overall. Both of them had expressed the important parts carefully. But other parts are monotonous and some other parts are full of variety.

  4. Just saying, don't put the microphone too close to your mouth. It messes up with the audio.

    Li Ying : 9/12
    I guess it's very un-natural. It sounds a little monotonous. Needs more expressions. Also needs to be more confident on what you're reading or else you'll mis read words. But still loud and clear.

    Augustine : 10/12
    Okay I guess... Has emotions, not so monotonous. Although there were less emotions towards the end, still okay.. Needs to be more sure about what you're reading too. Or else you'll mess up the words.