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Friday, 12 July 2013

Passage reading by Darie Chan Rong Zhi(12) and Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth(17)

“Don’t worry, the procedure will go smoothly, ”the surgeon said. The patient sat on the chair, shivering nervously, waiting to get into the operating room. “Don’t try to comfort me, I’m not afraid!” The patient shouted. “Calm down, and everything will be alright.” The surgeon said. The patient nodded, trying his best to relax as he closed his eyes feeling nervous yet confident. The surgeon smiled and patted him on his shoulder, injected him with anesthetic and said to the rest of the surgeons, “The procedure shall begin.” The surgeons then proceed with the operation.


  1. Darie: His voice had emotion at the right time and place. His voice was also clear and loud

    Darie: /12

    Kenneth has a nice voice, which is loud and clear.

    Kenneth Kiang: 8/12

  2. 11/12 overall. Would've given 12/12 if the entire paragraph was read with lively expressions, not just the dialogues.

  3. 10/12: They become less lively as they move towards the end. so yeah

  4. There was expression, but the expressions started to screw up towards the end, must be more consistent in reading.

  5. 9/12. Good job! Kenneth Kiang, when you say assuring sentences and words, you must sound assuring. For example, the first part "Don't worry, the procedure will go smoothly", as a surgeon, you must sound gentle and calm, so in that way the patient would get assured. Darie, try not to rush your words, like in "waiting to get into the operation room", relax, not too fast, not too slow, pace yourself. And with a bit more exaggeration here and there, it'll be better. Overall was great :) Keep up the great work guys!!