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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Orang Utan

How are the text features different?

The one from the Singapore zoo has bold words and bullets to help organise the text and it also photos and pictures of the Orang Utan.

The one from National Geographic has graphical features such as the map on where the Orang Utan and they also have a diagram that compare the size of the Orang Utan to humans.

 What are some examples of information you can find on the national geographic webpage but not on the singapore zoo webpage?

From the Singapore zoo website,we can find information about the Orang Utan in the zoo.

From the National Geographic website,we can find very detailed information for example the length of their arms,their diet,their lifespan,size and weight.

 Which report appeals to you more? Why?

The National Geographic website I learnt more about the Orang Utan as they gave me more details than the Singapore zoo website.From the zoo website I only knew about the Orang Utan in the zoo website but in the Nation Geographic website I learnt about Orang Utan in general.

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