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Friday, 12 July 2013

Oral Reading {Yong Liang, Benjamin and Daris}

The Script
Daris : Hi, I’m Daris and we have Benjamin and Yong Liang in this Project.  Our project is about a Professor asking his boss to hire 2 new assistants. In this Scenario, Benjamin is the Professor and Yong Liang is the Boss of the Research Company, while i am the Boss assistant.

Ben: Hey Mr Chong I’m going to need 2 research assistants

YL: Why, should I hire 2 researchers, when your research hasn't shown any progress for the past 2 months!

Ben : That's because I need more manpower to carry out my research as my experiments cannot be carried out alone.

YL: Currently our company is facing a financial crisis because of YOUR project, we definitely do not have enough funds to hire your assistants!

Ben: Sir, I assure you when this project succeeds, I will earn back all the funds and make a profit as well, if you want you can meet the assistants I have in mind.

Daris: Sir we have a sponsor that is interested in the project and will be willing to help complete it. So, will you allow Ben to continue with the research?

YL: Very well, I shall allow you to hire your assistants and proceed with the project.

Ben: Thank you sir .


  1. Ben: He plays the role of the professor well, speaking in a formal and polite tone.

    Ben: 9/12

    Yong Liang: His voice has the right variations at the correct words and time. He also has expressions on his face as he speaks.

    Yong Liang: 11/12

    Daris stumbles over her words a little as she reads. This could be due to lack of confidence. It would do her well to read the oral passage a few times for practice for doing the actual reading.

    Daris: 7/12

  2. 9/12 overall. Full of expression here and there. But beware of pronunciation errors and punctuations.