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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Le information report hw...

a)How are le text features different?
b)What are some examples of information you can find on the nat geo webpage but on the singapore zoo webpage
c)Which appeals to u more? Why?

A)... The Nat geo one has its stuff and info arranged under headers
         Singapore's zoo has its stuff arranged in paragraphs if I am right, and I seem to be right.

B) Nat Geo: Vital stats and the species of orang-utans around the world
     Singapore Zoo: how their enclosure is able to ensure they are both physically and mentally active. Not much stuff. And also there is information to attract more visitors

C) RESULT: drumroll please... *drumrolls*
Well, Its the NAt Geo website. There, I am able to gather suitable info either for knowledge or for projects. The Singapore Zoo one although wins in the competition for attracting visitors with their info

Yup, there it is. Peace out


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