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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Informative texts

Informative texts

Informative Texts are texts that provide you with information or advice about a specific subject.

Informative texts usually:
  • avoid repetition
  • contain facts
  • give information in a clear way
Informative texts are usually found...
-In Newspaper articles.
-In Websites. (Wiki,Google)
-In school handouts.

The structure of an informative text

The first part is the Title, this tells readers what they are reading about.
The second part is the introductory paragraph, this explains what data will be covered in the topic.
The third part is the next few paragraphs containing the data, which are often broken up by subheadings.
The fourth Part is the conclusion is a closing to the data that was given, some final pieces of information might be stated.

Images are important as examples or to let the reader visualise better. The glossary states information and definition of words used in the report.The bibliography is a list of resources like books, magazines and websites, which were used to help write the information report.

Language features?

These texts are normally written in present tense and first person, whereas for news reports, the tense is often past or future.

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