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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Informational texts

1. On the Nat Geo page, there are many different articles on the experiments or characteristics of the orang-utans. On the Singapore Zoo page however,  there are just categories on the different biomes,exhibits or habitats that the zoo offers. The orang-utan was only showcased in the free ranging orang-utan and breakfast with wildlife articles. This is not surprising as the articles are only there to show the website visitors the things that the zoo gets to offer. If they want more information, they would have to go to the zoo itself.
2. On the Nat Geo page, there are all sorts of detailed articles that are related to the orang-utan's history,traits and personality. The zoo only describes it briefly. As I had said earlier, this lack of info is to attract potential customers to come to the zoo to retrieve more information.
3. I personally prefer the National Geographic page as the reports are interesting and detailed with the appropriate pictures. Although some people prefer the zoo page because it has more illustrations, the text is extremely evaporated.

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