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Friday, 12 July 2013

Information Reports (Orangutan) by Nikisha ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

a) How are the Text Features Different?
In the National Geographic webpage, the information is given is plain text, with no categorising of any sort, and vice versa for the Singapore Zoo webpage which is organised with headings and bolded words. 

b) What are Some Examples of Information you Can Find on the National Geographic Webpage but NOT on the Singapore Zoo Webpage?
The National Geographic webpage gives us more information about orangutans, while the Singapore Zoo website conveys details about the orangutan enclosure in the zoological garden.

c) Which Report Appeals to you More? Why?
Personally, the National Geographic webpage appeals to me more as I have genuinely no interest in finding out more about the Singapore Zoo's orangutan enclosure. And although Singapore Zoo's webpage has more pictures and is more organised, National Geographic's article has a picture that gives us a rough idea of what an orangutan looks like, a diagram comparing the size of an orangutan and a human, a map showing their habitats, and an audio clip which shows us what an orangutan sound like.

In the end, though, both webpages are intended to convey totally different messages and serve different purposes, so it is an unfair comparison. It is like asking me if I prefer potatoes or platypuses. They are too different.

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