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Friday, 12 July 2013

Information Reports ( Orang-Utan) Axel (08)

a) How are the text features different?

The first link has different categories. The bold text separates them. While the second link is just information thrown in there.

b) What are some examples of information you can find on the nat geo webpage but not on the Singapore Zoo webpage?

On the National Geographic site, it gives information about the orang-utan. While on the Singapore Zoo page, it talks about the facilities there and what they plan to do with it.

c) Which report appeals to you more? Why?

Well, I guess it depends on context. If I was researching on Orang-Utans, I would prefer the National Geographic site. It has almost all the information about the Orang-Utan. If I wanted to know about facilities for Orang-Utans, the Singapore Zoo website would be more preferred. 

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