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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Information Reports /(o3o)/ (Go Orangutans!)

How are the text features different?

    The information in the Singapore Zoo webpage is organized under headings.

    The information in the National Geographic webpage however, is organized in paragraphs.

What are some examples of information you can find on the National Geographic webpage but not on the Singapore Zoo webpage?

    The National Geographic Webpage has information about the physical and behavioral features of orangutans, which the Singapore Webpage does not.

    The Singapore Webpage on the other hand, includes information about the orangutans in the Singapore Zoo, and what programmes the Singapore Zoo has discerning orangutans.

Which report appeals to you more? Why?

    It depends on what information I am looking for.

    If I am looking for information pertaining to orangutans for per say for research, then I would go to the National Geographic webpage, since it has information about the physical and behavioral features of orangutans.

    However, if I am going to the Singapore Zoo and I want to find out more about the orangutans there and what can I do there with them, I would visit the Singapore Zoo webpage as it contains information about the programmes it has there for orangutans.

    My personal preference, however is the National Geographic webpage, as I would rather read about information about orangutans than read about the Singapore Zoo programmes that include orangutans.

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