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Monday, 22 July 2013

informal persuasion (yong liang and shiqiang)

1. recall those incidents token you had to persuade your parents to buy/give you something?

I wanted a transformer toy which costs $50 , but they told me too wait until there is a sale then buy then can get 20 % discount , but I was too impatient to wait for 4 months. Thus I decided I will convince them to buy it for me , by hook or by crook.

2. The kinds of tactics or strategies you used for the persuasion?

So , I started doing something to irritate them , by sitting on his shoulder and started shaking his head around and saying :" I want that toy , buy for me !" over and over again.Eventually , he got so irritated that he slapped me and we left the shopping mall .
The next day , I woke up and started pestering my father to buy it for me .Desperate to get his beauty sleep , he promised to buy it for me .

3. How long it took your parents to give in?

This method only took 2 days .


  1. deal in a way because he got his beauty sleep and I got my toy