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Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion (Darie, Daris and Dawn)

1. Incident: 
 = Darie - I persuaded my parents that I wanted to stay at home when they wanted to go out.

 = Dawn - When I was young, I used to love chocolate milk, so when my mom or anyone else gave me normal milk, I had to "persuade" them to make me chocolate milk instead.

2. Tactics/Strategies:
 = Darie - Whining, using words like "please", pestering them, irritating them (Emotional appeal; threat)

 = Dawn - Cry until I get my way (it can go for hours, literally) (Emotional appeal)

3. Time:
 = Darie - 7 minutes 

 = Dawn - 5 minutes - 5 hours (depending on parents mood)

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