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Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion by Kenneth Kiang, Ho Jia Wei and Ng Wei Jie

Informal Persuasion


1) Recall those incidents when you had to persuade your parents to buy/give you something.

*2) The kind of tactics/strategies you used for the persuasion.

3) How long it took your parents to give in.


Kenneth Kiang
1) I persuaded my father to buy a new home laptop this year.

2) I said that our current laptop is too old and is extremely slow now. It intermittently crashes and it takes a long time to load. The new laptop, Samsung Series 7 Chronos, has 8GB RAM instead of our current one which was 4GB, with smoother keyboards that allowed me to type faster. It is also bigger, has better display quality and it’s running on Windows 8 while the current one was Windows 7. It has more USB ports and 2 other SS USB port, which will allow extremely fast transfer of data. It had 750GB worth of space instead of the current one which was less than 500GB, and it was also “dying” since most of the space was taken up and it only had around 30GB left. There was also an IT show at the Expo which was selling this model at a price of $1800 (Usual Price: $1900), which actually costed lesser than the current laptop which was the computer’s selling price of $2000.

3) It took a week for my father to think about it. He eventually gave in because of all the benefits that we would receive.

Ho Jia Wei
1) I begged my mother to buy an application in the apple application store 4 years ago.

2) I bribed my mother by saying that I will study more and game less and that if she could buy books for $10, why couldn’t she pay for a game which is 10 times cheaper.

3) It took my mother 2 days to finally agree to it.

Ng Wei Jie
1) I think I asked my parents to buy a packet of chocolate, as I wanted to get sugar rush. (Yeah...)

2) My parents didn’t allow me to buy anymore as I still have about 8 packets of Kit Kat at home, but I wanted to have another taste, so I just threw it into the basket without them knowing. I kept a poker face as my parents were paying for the chocolate, and when we got into the car, I secretly ate the chocolate. (:D)

3) They didn’t know.   (:P)

Types of persuasion

Emotional Appeal: -

Threat: -

Promise: Ho Jia Wei

Deal: Ho Jia Wei

Secretly Done: Ng Wei Jie
Profitable: Kenneth Kiang

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