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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Features of an Information Text (Jeron and Kenneth Mah)

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Extracted from MyPaper
The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Ministry of National Development clarified in a statement that the notice letters made reference to the "past planning intent", which was originally described in 1993 as the development of an adventure park.
Dr Maliki said yesterday that both the SLA and the Housing Board have acknowledged that the letter could have been more carefully worded, and the language updated to reflect the eventual development on Ubin. (Purpose)
He said: "They had already apologised for the anxiety caused."
Ubin residents can also continue to remain on state land (Present Tense) by paying a Temporary Occupation Licence fee, which will be phased in over five years. Most households will need to pay only less than $20 a month in the first year, and less than $120 a month in the sixth year. For those who have difficulties paying the rent, Dr Maliki said SLA will facilitate an assessment for them to receive financial assistance. (Description)
Non-Constituency MP Lina Chiam asked if a part of Pulau Ubin could be developed into a "retiree village" with medical facilities and space for farming and growing flowers. (Purpose)
In reply, (Third Person) Dr Maliki said the suggestion was "quite a different proposition", adding that there would be issues such as costs, and putting in infrastructure and services to support an elderly community there.
He said: "It's a proposition worth considering later on, if it does (have) merit.
"We want our retirees to age in place, rather than go to an island... (so they can) be part of the larger community where the social support ought to be made available."
Purpose: Providing detailed information about Ubin and it's original description in 1993 being a development of an adventure park, now planned to be developed into a "retiree village".

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