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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Exposition Writing by Dawn and Crane :#

a. definition
The definition of exposition writing is a type of writing that conveys a certain information or idea.
b. purpose
It is to give readers or listeners an idea or convey information and knowledge

c. examples: adapted from (http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson40/RWT024-6.pdf)
Sixth graders need to prepare for seventh grade by learning how to plan for long-term assignments. Because seventh grade teachers expect their students to be more independent, the long-term planning skill is one that will ensure a successful seventh grade year. For example, some seventh grade teachers will assign a project and not check your progress until the day it is due. If students do not organize their project into steps, they get overwhelmed and end up in a last minute rush to complete it. This situation usually results in a poor grade. In addition, seventh graders take quarterly tests that cover everything learned in an entire nine-week period. : If students do not plan for the long-term and study a little bit each week, they might forget what they learned at the beginning of the quarter and have to cram right before the test. Cramming usually results in a poor grade. In sum, sixth graders who learn to get organized through the skill of long-term planning will have a better grade.

a. How are expository texts different from narrative texts and personal recounts?

I think that the difference is narrative texts and personal recounts is a story, a narrative. However the exposition writing is information, not a story. 

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