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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dramatic Reading Practice by Axel and Nikisha

Scenario 3

She stood there staring. Was she talking to me? Oh, I did not notice that. Her mouth is forming more angry words now. I stared at my hand, not quite listening to what she was saying. Was that a new freckle on my hand? My, how interesting.

“Are you even listening to me? I said that I want you to repair this laptop. I have a warranty card. ”

“I’m sorry ma’am,  your warranty has expired. Look carefully at the warranty card.”

“This clearly says that it expires in two months. It hasn’t even been one month since I’ve bought it!”

That freckle is looking more and more exciting. I sighed and took her warranty card. It stated that it had not expired yet, but this ordeal is just too troublesome. I adjusted my spectacles and pretended to be bad of eyesight. “I... I’m sorry ma’am, but it says that it expired quite a while ago.”

“What is this nonsense? I want to speak to your manager!”

I gave a small, innocent smile and lied through my teeth, “I am the manager.”

She got so fed up, she took her laptop and stormed out of the store.

Hey, where did the freckle go?


  1. Axel's accent is very funny to listen. So is his tone when speaking to the angry customer. However, he could do with pronounciating his words a little better.

    Axel: 10/12

    Nikisha's voice is loud and clear. She also does a good job with expressing the customer's anger.

    Nikisha: 11/12

  2. 11/12 overall. Axel has certain areas which he uses a monotone pace. However, both of them expressed the right areas as well as do certain actions to match with the dialogue, giving a more in-depth feel.

  3. Axel: 10/12
    Axel's accent fully depicts how the sales representative would sound like, unwilling to help. But, he did stir a little here and there. The fact that the freckle was brought into the passage is funny, but he could have done a better job expressing those parts. Also, Axel pronounced he as she throughout most of the passage.

    Nikisha: 10/12
    Nikisha expressions as the the customer is good, angry and frustrated. The part where she paused to "look at the warranty card" was well timed, and fitted well into the topic.

  4. 11/12 OMG I LOVE IT!! HAHAHAHA!!
    Okay, comments: Axel, when you say phrases like, "hey where did my freckle go?", you need to have more of the shocked and confused voice. And more exaggeration on the HEY. Overall, GREAT!! Really funny over there :) Nikisha, good job on the emphasis (y)

    1. oh and the he/she thing, if you get what i mean