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Friday, 12 July 2013

Dawn Lim - Orangutan

a) How are the text features different?
The S'pore Zoo text is writing about the orangutans in S'pore itself. The Nat Geo one tells the facts of average orangutans from all around the world. So i think this is leaning towards the feature of biased-ness.

b) What are some examples of information you can find on the Nat Geo Webpage but not on the Singapore Zoo Webpage?
The Nat Geo webpage shows the diet, the meaning of 'orangutan' itself, the arm span, the type, the average life span in the wild, the height, the protection status and a lot more of details of an orangutan, but the S'pore Zoo one does not have these details.

c) Which report appeals to you more? Why?
I prefer the Nat Geo one. Reason being, I like how the Nat Geo page a lot of information about the orangutans. It gives the details But the S'pore Zoo just tell you the basic information of the orangutan, and more is focused on the S'pore Zoo facilities and stuff.

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