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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Advertisements by Johanna Lim and Li Ying

The technique used in this advertisement: Faulty and cause effect and emotional

The examples that are used in this advertisement for the emotional part is that Santa walks past the Subway shop and notices a woman who is slim. He is envious of them and wants to be slim as well.
Not long after, he approaches a mirror and takes a good look of of himself. He then tries to get fit.

The example for the faulty cause and effect is that Santa eats food from Subway and thus, gets fit. He is then able to achieve his goal of being slim. It is trying to show that by having food from Subway, you would be able to get slim and at the same time, not gain that many calories.

Purpose of advertising:
They want to attract people's attention to buy from Subway as most people want to achieve their goal of being slim. By having Subway, they not only get to enjoy the delicious food but they do not need to worry as they would not gain that much calories.

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