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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Work for Today's Lesson (July 24)

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Please do the following preparatory work for informal letter writing in today's lesson:

1. Visit the following link:

2. Download and go through the Situational Writing Slides - Common Rhetorical Strategies.ppt file.

3. Download Informal Letter Task with Question Analysis Template.doc and complete the planning template section. DO NOT write the letter yet.


Miss Esha

Monday, 22 July 2013

Informal Persuasion (Crane, Javier & Benjamin)

  1. There was a time when I wanted an iPhone so I had to persuade my mother to get me one.
  2. I made a deal with her that if I get to the best class in the school she would get me an iPhone.(Deal/Promise)
  3. A few weeks after I had received the results that told me I can go to the best class, my father got me an iPhone.

Informal Persuasion (Johanna, Yang Teng and Li Ying)

1) Recalling incidents where you had to persuade your parents to buy or give you something.
1) Persuading my parents to buy me the Ben-10 Ommitrix watch
2) Persuading my parents to buy me the ultimate and coolest sports shoe.
3) Persuading them to buy me Pokemon figurines, cards, house and the games.

Li Ying:
1) Persuading her parents to give her more pocket money.
2) Persuading parents to buy her an iPod

Yang Teng:
1) None

2) The kind of tactics or strategies you used for the persuasion
Tactic for 1) Crying, throwing tantrums. (Emotional Appeal)
Tactic for 2) Elaborating on how good the sports shoe are and how they would benefit me. I also tried telling them that I would wear it all the time and it would be a good investment. I would also do better in my studies and NAPFA. (Deal)
Tactic for 3) Asking them for it, telling them how awesome Pokemon is and how it would help me in life. I would also have recreation time too, since I have no siblings, I could play it on my own and it would burn some time. (Benefits, how it would help me etc)

Li Ying:
Tactic for 1 and 2, throwing tantrums (Emotional appeal), and constantly saying "Please!"(Threat) She will not stop until she gets what she wants.

Yang Teng:
1) None

3) How long did it take for your parents to give in?
Time for 1) 15 minutes
Time for 2) 1 hour
Time for 3) 2 years

Li Ying:
Time for 1) 1 month
Time for 2) 2 days

Yang Teng:
Time: None

informal persuasion (yong liang and shiqiang)

1. recall those incidents token you had to persuade your parents to buy/give you something?

I wanted a transformer toy which costs $50 , but they told me too wait until there is a sale then buy then can get 20 % discount , but I was too impatient to wait for 4 months. Thus I decided I will convince them to buy it for me , by hook or by crook.

2. The kinds of tactics or strategies you used for the persuasion?

So , I started doing something to irritate them , by sitting on his shoulder and started shaking his head around and saying :" I want that toy , buy for me !" over and over again.Eventually , he got so irritated that he slapped me and we left the shopping mall .
The next day , I woke up and started pestering my father to buy it for me .Desperate to get his beauty sleep , he promised to buy it for me .

3. How long it took your parents to give in?

This method only took 2 days .

Informal Persuasion (Sean Lim, Donovan and Augustine)

1. Recall those incidents when you had to persuade your parents to buy/give you something.
2. The kind of tactics/strategies you used for the persuasion.
3. How long it took your parents to give in.

1) The time when I had to persuade my parents to buy me an iPhone.

2) Whining, comparing yourself with others who have something you want and promise them to do well in studies if they get you the phone.
Emotional - Your parents love you, so they should buy the phone for you thinking that they want to get the best type of phone for you.
Threat - Threaten them if they do not want to buy the phone for you. Not recommended as it is rude and unhealthy for parent-child relationships.
Promise - Convince your parents that you are willing to put in effort to study if they put in a little more money for you.
Deal - Roughly the same as promise, having a deal with your parents, exchange of conditions.
3) 20 minutes.

Informal Persuasion (Jeron, Kenneth Mah, Nikisha) :3

Jeron: (Deal)
1. Persuaded my parents to grill a beef steak
2. Striking a deal
3. 10 seconds

Kenneth: (Emotional)
1. Persuading my parents to buy me a new computer
2. Persistent nagging
3. 5 years and counting

Nikisha: (Emotional)
1. I persuaded my mother to buy me a cat
2. I pestered my mother and followed her around saying 'please' repeatedly
3. 1 day

Informal Persuasion (Darie, Daris and Dawn)

1. Incident: 
 = Darie - I persuaded my parents that I wanted to stay at home when they wanted to go out.

 = Dawn - When I was young, I used to love chocolate milk, so when my mom or anyone else gave me normal milk, I had to "persuade" them to make me chocolate milk instead.

2. Tactics/Strategies:
 = Darie - Whining, using words like "please", pestering them, irritating them (Emotional appeal; threat)

 = Dawn - Cry until I get my way (it can go for hours, literally) (Emotional appeal)

3. Time:
 = Darie - 7 minutes 

 = Dawn - 5 minutes - 5 hours (depending on parents mood)

Informal Persuasion! ( Axel, Ray, Shaun) :DDDD

Incidents of Persuasion:


Wanted a Xbox 360, parents were like NOPE.


Wanted a Lego Set, parents said, "Do you really need it?"


Wanted a toy, but Mom said NOPE.

Tactics and Strategy:


Repeating the phrase "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" over and over and over again.
( Others - Annoyance )


Bargained. Good behaviour and doing chores for a month for Lego Set.
( Deal )


Threw a tantrum* and pooped his pants.
( Emotional Appeal )

Time taken:


Within an hour.




In half an hour.

Informal Persuasion by Kenneth Kiang, Ho Jia Wei and Ng Wei Jie

Informal Persuasion


1) Recall those incidents when you had to persuade your parents to buy/give you something.

*2) The kind of tactics/strategies you used for the persuasion.

3) How long it took your parents to give in.


Kenneth Kiang
1) I persuaded my father to buy a new home laptop this year.

2) I said that our current laptop is too old and is extremely slow now. It intermittently crashes and it takes a long time to load. The new laptop, Samsung Series 7 Chronos, has 8GB RAM instead of our current one which was 4GB, with smoother keyboards that allowed me to type faster. It is also bigger, has better display quality and it’s running on Windows 8 while the current one was Windows 7. It has more USB ports and 2 other SS USB port, which will allow extremely fast transfer of data. It had 750GB worth of space instead of the current one which was less than 500GB, and it was also “dying” since most of the space was taken up and it only had around 30GB left. There was also an IT show at the Expo which was selling this model at a price of $1800 (Usual Price: $1900), which actually costed lesser than the current laptop which was the computer’s selling price of $2000.

3) It took a week for my father to think about it. He eventually gave in because of all the benefits that we would receive.

Ho Jia Wei
1) I begged my mother to buy an application in the apple application store 4 years ago.

2) I bribed my mother by saying that I will study more and game less and that if she could buy books for $10, why couldn’t she pay for a game which is 10 times cheaper.

3) It took my mother 2 days to finally agree to it.

Ng Wei Jie
1) I think I asked my parents to buy a packet of chocolate, as I wanted to get sugar rush. (Yeah...)

2) My parents didn’t allow me to buy anymore as I still have about 8 packets of Kit Kat at home, but I wanted to have another taste, so I just threw it into the basket without them knowing. I kept a poker face as my parents were paying for the chocolate, and when we got into the car, I secretly ate the chocolate. (:D)

3) They didn’t know.   (:P)

Types of persuasion

Emotional Appeal: -

Threat: -

Promise: Ho Jia Wei

Deal: Ho Jia Wei

Secretly Done: Ng Wei Jie
Profitable: Kenneth Kiang

Friday, 19 July 2013

Scenarios for Informal Email - Benjamin, Javier & Crane

Scenario 1: To persuade my brother to give me a loan as I am in debt
Scenario 2: To persuade my mother not to force to me to go for extra tuition
Scenario 3: To persuade my sister to come back during her break from her school overseas

PAC analysis
1) Explanation of scenario: My mother just brought me to a new tuition center and wants me to go for tuition there, when I already  have tuition every single day except for Saturday. I want to persuade her to not force me to go for extra tuition but I do not dare to tell her in person so I am sending her an email.
2) Purpose: Persuade my mother from adding more tuition classes to my schedule
3) Audience: My mother
4) Context: I am trying to tell my mother to stop giving me more tuition
5) Tone & Register: The tone of can be angry and annoyed. The register is Informal

Scenarios for Informal Email (Darie, Dawn and Daris) "3D"

Scenario: Persuade your relative living in another country, to come visit me

PAC Analysis
1. Explanation = I feel very lonely, and I miss my relative as I have not met them in a long time
2. Purpose = To persuade my relative to come to singapore for a few weeks to visit me and my family 
3. Audience = My relative in other country
4. Context = Telling my relatives to visit me as I had not seen him in a long time.
5. Tone and register = Convincing and persuasive informal

Scenarios for Informal Mail (Nikisha, Kenneth Mah, Jeron)


1) Explain Scenario: Your aunt is a great cook, you want to visit her for the weekend to have her cook for you. However, she doesn't like using handphones. So you decide to email your aunt to have her cook you POTATOES.

2) Purpose: To have your aunt cook you potatoes which in turn you will eat.

3) Audience: Aunt.

4) Context: Aunt's house, Saturday.

5) Tone & Register: Persuasive, personal. Informal Register.

EL Blog Scenarios for Informal Email :D (With Axel, Ray and Shaun!)

1. Explain Scenario:

Inviting relatives over for *Mom's surprise birthday celebration.

(*We are adults.)

2. Purpose:

To contact relatives to invite them to birthday party.

3. Audience:

Our relatives. 

4. Context:

The previous year, we didn't really plan a proper celebration, we just gave *Mom a cake. This year, we want to give her a surprise

5. Tone and Register:

Casual tone, Informal register. 

persuasive email by yong liang and Shi Qiang

1.explain scenario- Tomorrow is Shi Qiang's birthday and I want to persuade all his cousins, aunts and uncles to come to your birthday party , on the 1st of April.
2.purpose-To invite your relatives to celebrate your birthday with you.
3.audience- All Shi qiang's relatives
4.context-it will be great fun ,if all his cousins come to celebrate his birthday , we will surprise as he thinks he is only celebrating with close family ,so if they all come we will make him extremely
5.tone and register- informal ,Polite and convincing

Scenarios for Informal Email by Johanna Lim Ziyun, Kok Li Ying and Lok Yang Teng

1) Persuade her cousin to go to boarding school in Switzerland instead of the other one in Canada. 
2) Persuade her cousin to take more public transport instead of taking cars as cars produce carbon monoxide and pollutes the environment. 
3) Persuade her cousin to buy you the latest fitness machine.

The scenario that we have chosen is:
 Persuade her cousin to go to boarding school in Switzerland instead of the other one in Canada. 

Explain the scenario
-My relative is having problems in choosing schools after her results were out. She has asked me for opinions on which school to choose.
-Each school has its pros and cons but I want her to go to the boarding school in Switzerland. 
-She is in sixes and sevens and is trying her very best to make a right decision. 

To persuade her to come to the boarding school as the boarding school has all the facilities that she wants and she would be able to showcase her talent in that school. It will enlighten and brighten her future. 

The audience is her cousin, 16 years old, deciding which school she needs to go to as her O-level results have just released and she has passed with flying colours. 

Her cousin has exceptional results and is in sixes and sevens on which school to join. She has scored the highest in her country. She has consulted me, a very experienced student on which school to join. 
I gave her my opinion on the Switzerland boarding school as the school focuses on the subject that she likes and she will be able to enjoy herself, and at the same time, study. It is killing two birds with one stone.
Time: Over the days
Date: Until 24 July (that is when the registration ends)
Environment: School

Tone and Register
The tone is persuasive and the register is informal. 

Scenarios for Informal email(persuasive) part 1- Donovan, Augustine, Sean

Brainstorm for scenarios that require you to write a persuasive informal email to a relative in order to persuade him/her to do something. Choose 1 scenario and do a PAC analysis.

1. Explain scenario- Dad wants son to buy groceries for him.
2. Purpose- I want to tell my son to buy some groceries.
3. Audience- Son
4. Context-I'm at work and I just noticed that we don't have bread and milk for tomorrow's breakfast, so I email my son who is at home to help me buy some groceries.
5. Tone & Register- Persuasive informal

Scenarios For Informal Email By Kenneth Kiang, Ho Jia Wei and Ng Wei Jie

Scenarios for an Informal Email

In groups of 3:

Part 1: Brainstorm for scenarios that require you to write a persuasive informal email to a relative in order to persuade him/her to do something.

Possible Scenarios
- Persuading a relative to come to Singapore
- Persuading a relative to go to a country
- Trying to persuade a relative that life will get better
- Trying to persuade a family member to stop gambling
- Persuading a relative to lend you money
- Persuading your brother to help you send some information to you
- Persuading your cousin to tell you more about his school

Chosen Scenario (and going further in depth of the scenario)
A family member has Emailed you to ask you to send some more money to him as he said that he has “family problems”, but you know he is gambling his money away because his daughter, or your cousin who is constantly afraid that he would take her has told you about his addiction of going to Marina Bay Sands everyday.

You are to write a sample informal Email to ask your uncle to stop gambling.

Use PAC to help you with your sample Email.

Submission date: 19 July 2013 (Today)

Send the sample Email to Miss Esha by today, but instead of typing her name in the “Dear ….” part, type down the name of your chosen name instead.


To persuade your relative to stop gambling.


To persuade your uncle, Benjamin, to stop gambling his money away and scheduled a job interview with a company for him.

Tone & Register

Serious, persuasive

Part 2: Email

To: esha_ghose@sst.edu.sg
Subject: RE: Family Problems

Dear Uncle Benjamin,

I’ve just received your email and I understand that you are facing family problems right now but just be honest with me, I already know why you need the money for; you are already back to your old self again, throwing your money away.

Just listen to me, gambling will get you nowhere, you need to support your family and this is not going to help them. I know that it is not easy to get rid of your addiction so it will take time and dedication. You have to stop this addiction as soon as possible. Anyways, if you have difficulties stopping your addiction, do not hesitate to call NCPG at 1800-6-668-668 .

You still have hope, I have just scheduled a job interview with a suitable company interested in you. Please stop gambling. Your family is on the verge of trouble with you. They have nothing to do with gambling, but you are pulling them into hot soup as well.
I really hope you stop gambling once and for all.

Your Sincerely,
Donovan Neo

Language features of an informal email

features of a informal email(Benjamin)

                                          With love,

informal email language features

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Language Features of an Informal Email (darie)

Language Features of an Informal Email

Language Features of an Informal Email by Johanna Lim Ziyun

Language Features of an Informal Email :D

I hope the photo quality is clear enough! 

Language Features of Informal Email by Nikisha (/o3o)/

Language features of Informal Text by Li Ying

Language Features of Informal Email

language feature of informal email

Language Features in Informal Mail (Kenneth Mah)

language features of informal email

Language Features of Informal Email

Language of Informal Email


Dear Uncle John

            (1P)                                                                       (PaT)
Thought I'd send out a picture of my little monsters. They had a great Halloween
                                                                               (A)                                       (1P)(PaT)
yesterday. Doreen and Dennis came over to hand out candy so Ray and I were
both able to go out with the kids. They made quite the haul; the dentist is going to 

love us!
Doreen and Dennis left this morning for Wisconsin. They hope to get to Idaho
            (2P)                    (PT)                                                       (PT)
today. You should be seeing them sometime next week. I hope they get good

weather there. They'll be back here in time for Thanksgiving.
I hope you all have a great weekend!

With love,


Sample email- Donovan

Language features of Informal Email by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Information Reports (Orang-utan) (Kenneth Mah)

1) The Singapore Zoo version advertises more of their courses and features of the Orang-utans while in the Singapore Zoo. They also use bold words as headings and bullet points.
  The NatGeo version mostly gives information about the Orang-utans.
2) The NatGeo version gives more information and facts about the Orang-utans. Such as how tall they are relative to Humans, their scientific name and what they eat.
3) The Singapore Zoo version appeals to me more as they have pictures, put a point across as well as help us learn a little bit about Orang-utans.

Information Reports

A)How are the Text Features different?

The Zoo Page: It is more on advertising the Orang-Utan Area in the Zoo compared to introducing more about it.

The National Geographic Page: It gives more description about the Orang-Utan.

B)What are some examples of information you can find on the national geographic webpage but not on the singapore zoo webpage?
The scientific name of Orang-Utan's [Pongo pygmaeus]It gives more facts.

C)Which report appeals to you more? Why?
The National Geographic. It gives you more information on Orang-Utan's than the Singapore Zoo Website.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Information Reports (orang-utan) by Jia Wei

a)how are the text features different?

The zoo page:
Typographical - used bold prints as their title and the colour brown for the keywords.
Categorical - used bullets when they wanted to show the timing.
Graphical - NIL
Illustrative - used pictures describing each part of the article.

The National Geographic:
Categorical - used index in fast facts section
Typographical - used bold prints to divide "map", "audio" and "fast facts".
Graphical - Used map when ranging the number of orang-utans on earth.
Illustrative - used a picture of an orang-utan when describing it's physical appearance.

b)What are some examples of information you can find on the national geographic webpage but not on the singapore zoo webpage?

- The meaning of the malay name, "orang-utan"
- Measurement of an male orang-utan's arm

c)Which report appeals to you more? Why?

The zoo report. It has more visuals and it's data is more organised.

Orang Utan

How are the text features different?

The one from the Singapore zoo has bold words and bullets to help organise the text and it also photos and pictures of the Orang Utan.

The one from National Geographic has graphical features such as the map on where the Orang Utan and they also have a diagram that compare the size of the Orang Utan to humans.

 What are some examples of information you can find on the national geographic webpage but not on the singapore zoo webpage?

From the Singapore zoo website,we can find information about the Orang Utan in the zoo.

From the National Geographic website,we can find very detailed information for example the length of their arms,their diet,their lifespan,size and weight.

 Which report appeals to you more? Why?

The National Geographic website I learnt more about the Orang Utan as they gave me more details than the Singapore zoo website.From the zoo website I only knew about the Orang Utan in the zoo website but in the Nation Geographic website I learnt about Orang Utan in general.

Information reports (orang-utan)

Read the articles in http://www.zoo.com.sg/exhibits-zones/free-ranging-orang-utan.html#ad-image-0, and http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/orangutan/, and answer the following questions.

1) How are the text features different?
2) What are some examples of information you can find on the national geographic webpage but not on the singapore zoo webpage?
3) Which report appeals to you more? Why?

1) The first links describes the Orang Utan enclosure in the Singapore Zoo, while the second link gives a detailed description of Oran Utans in the wild. Otherwise, the others features are similar
2) The second link tells me the stats of an Orang Utan, like the height, weight, arm span etc. but the first has nothing of the sort.
3) The second on, as it has most of the information i would need, unlike the first.


How where the texts different?
Well, for Singapore Zoo, the text focused more on the orangutans in Singapore, where they come from, their life story and how they are living now. However, the National Geography's text on orangutans focus more on Orangutans in general.

Difference in information provided.
The National Geography page provided information about the Orangutan's average height, weight and diet. However on the Singapore Zoo page, there was only information about opening hours and habitat.

Which report appeals to me more?
I prefer the National Geography Article as it has more information on Orangutans rather than Singapore Zoo which focuses more on the attraction.