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Friday, 10 May 2013

The plight of the North Koreans

If you can't read the words, her it is:

The woman at the top has left her country just so she can save her family and help them live on their lives, but has been through tough times while with them. Immigrants like them have no or little money when they live their homeland, and many of them get caught by the police. If they get sent bak to North Korea, they will get executed for leaving. She only wants one thing, and that is to allow North Koreans to live their lives happily.

We should persuade the North Korean government to open up to the rest of the world to help them , their not allowing us to help as they want to be seen to be strong, but this is going too far and it is killing the people in there, locking them up and not allowing them to leave.

The prices of their food have been increasing profusely and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

Let us persuade both the government and the citizens that we are not their enemies. Let’s help them live their dreams.

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  1. Minor mistakes:
    -"live" should be "leave"
    -"bak" should be "back"
    -"their" should be "they are"
    I agree with persuading the government.