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Friday, 10 May 2013

North Korea Poster

There is widespread famine in North Korea, making life there very difficult. Public executions are also very common. The common folk live in fear every day, wondering whether they will die of hunger or by the hand of an official. Everyday people try to cross the border to China, to seek a better life, but the success rate of actually doing so is drastically low. For those who manage to go to China however, the Chinese will find them before reporting them to the police, to be shipped back to North Korea to undergo punishment, sometimes the punishments include torture or even a death penalty. Even though China and the other world superpowers know of this, they do nothing to help the citizens of North Korea, who only want a place to live where they do not have to fear death at every waking hour.
All these pieces of information were given by a North Korean Woman. She has to have a lot of courage to reveal this much information to the general public; only to be ignored by different world world leaders.

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