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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

The following are your tasks for today's lesson. Use the following link to complete your tasks.


1. Scroll down the page and complete the sections "Preparation", "Task" and "Task 2".

2. You may either read the article or download the mp3 "Ecotourism" and listen to it.

3. Answer the following question as a comment on this blog:

Do you agree with what the article says? Why or why not?


Miss Esha


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  2. By Johanna and Li Ying
    We agree with what the article says as natural resources are running our fast and will not last forever. We should protect endangered animals before they are extinct as we will never see them again. We should conserve the resources are it is precious and scarce and it helps in our survival.

    We think it is basic courtesy to learn all the basics before coming to the country as you will be well-prepared in case of any language barriers. Also, you will get to experience the local culture and not spend too much money. It is killing two birds with one stone. Other than that, we should not pollute the environment even more as the carbon emissions will rise, depleting the ozone layer and thus causing global warming which affects the vast changes in temperature.

    We can take more public transport or have car-pooling as the carbon emissions will not be as much. Also, we should not waste water as well as it is a scarce resource. We should not take too much time to bathe (30mins), we should try to bathe around 15 minutes. It will waste less water and it would help Mother Earth.

    Last but not least, conserving our sources and the animals around us should be the path that we should take.

  3. I agree what the article says as we are trying to do something that will not only benefit us but the globe too . Everyone is playing the very best as a part to save the Earth and Ecotourism is a very good way to help the Earth as it is Eco-Friendly .
    A true ecotourism project has a nature reserve allows a small number of tourists to visit its rare animals and uses the money that is generated to continue with important conservation work. The local people have jobs in the nature reserve as guides and wardens, but also have a voice in how the project develops. Tourists stay in local houses with local people, not in specially built hotels. They will experience the local culture and do not take precious energy and water away from the local population. They travel on foot, by boat, bicycle or elephant so that there is no pollution .
    So why not I agree with this article as it not only help oneself but the world and the others ?

  4. I agree with what the article says, as we are supposed to follow Ecotourism so that we can make the world a better place. We should treat other countries with respect and care, because in the end it will all come back to us. We will be destroying our own atmosphere. We will be showing disgrace to our country. But if we choose to follow Ecotourism, we will be making our Earth better and warm slower. We will be able to show pride in our own country. In the end, we will all be happy.

  5. Donovan and Shaun Tan

    We agree. It helps the environment. It also kills two birds with one stone, nature is somewhat protected and the tourists get to have a good time during the process. The money used also goes to wildlife funds.

  6. I'm not sure that it would be a good idea, as many people would rather have a good time at their vacation, and would not really remember being "eco" Anyways, yes, I agree with the article as it is a really good way to save the environment and it can help us be more tidy in our real life, like when we throw rubbish away into a dustbin is the vacation place, he may remember to throw his rubbish away after he gets back from his vacation.

  7. Pair Work: Shi Qiang and Ray

    We agree with the article. The article not only supports the notion of sustaining the environment via eco-tourism, which we feel is a good way of sustaining the environment (e.g. preserve wildlife, minimize damage to the environment, minimize global warming, sustaining non-renewable resources), but also gives suggestions on how we can do this.

    For example, the article gives suggestions such as:
    1. Don't waste resources. If the area doesn't have much water, don't take two showers every day.

    2. Remember the phrase "Leave nothing behind you except footprints and take nothing away except photographs." Take as much care of the places that you visit as you take of your own home. ·

    3. Don't buy souvenirs made from endangered animals or plants.

    4. Walk or use other non-polluting forms of transport whenever you can.

  8. Yes, I agree with the article. If we do not conserve the natural resources there, it effects all of us as the rubbish would just generate all around the world and by having natural reserves it helps those rare animals in the wildlife a chance to breed and not get extinct.

  9. Yes we should not use as much resources or energy as it is not our home but other peoples homes.when we go too other places we should learn their culture and respect them if not we would offend someone easily and take care of the place well and we should be flexible as we want to make the most out of all the experience we have

  10. I think I agree with the article.
    I know that there are many different, unique and beautiful sights in other countries but if we have to fly there in aeroplane , I would prefer going to our local attractions , like the botanic gardens or the zoo .Sometimes we always think we are not causing lots of pollution but we tend to forget that we pollute our surroundings when we take taxis , or fly aeroplanes to other countries.
    I feel that when we travel overseas we tend to pollute the surroundings very quickly , thus I agree with the article .

  11. I agree with what the article says as I sincerely also feel that tourism companies now are misusing the word 'ecotourism' . We should not do anything harmful to the environment without any good enough reason. However, we indeed should spend more time going to nature reserve tours and in a way, donating money to the folks there for conservation purposes. We can travel by car and boat if we don't take planes. We have already used up more than half of our total oil reserve supplies. We have lesser timber and fresh water to use. Conserving our resources and natural reserves should be one of our top priorities of our world. We should savour every second of a holiday while we are at it too. So, proper ecotourism is indeed a efficient and reliable way to get people to invest in nature reserves and the likes.

  12. Yes, I strongly agree with this article. Many animal and plant species are rapidly becoming extinct. The damage has already been done to the Earth and we cannot stop this, but we can all try our best to slow down the process as much as possible and decrease the number of species dying. Ecotourism is a great way to help contribute to this as we get to help the Earth and we learn and have fun at the same time. It would also serve as a reminder to ourselves based on the experience to try our best to help the Earth and all it's inhabitants.

  13. I quite agree with the article. This is because all that the article wrote is logical and feasible. I think that to keep the Earth clean and green is important. We cannot keep destroying the Earth by littering or polluting the waters or air. THIS IS BAD!! And also, when we travel and pollute the environment of others, you show no respect for the country or its citizens. What if someone else travel to your country and pollute your environment? You'll feel angry and irritated, and that is exactly how the other countries' citizens feel when you do the same to them. So we should not pollute Mother Earth. Mother Earth gave us land and resources, so we should treasure them and not bully Mother Earth :P LET'S MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY AND CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!! :D

    By: Crane and Dawn Lim

  14. Yes, I do agree with the article. I think we should all follow ecotourism. There were some rules that we can follow by applying ecotourism and we should all follow it. We should not destroy the nature just to fulfill our needs. Instead, we should find another way to get things done while minimising the amount of nature destroyed. This article tells us about ecotourism and it is good as not many people know about ecotourism.

  15. I agree with article, When we travel or go to different places, we should always be mindful of our actions because it is important to protect the earth and all the resources. With Ecotourism, we can prevent the destruction of natural resources and preserve the cultural heritage of the local people. We can always go back to enjoy these wonderful places if we together as visitors or locals to preserve the land properly.

  16. I agree, to make space for tourism, like build fancy hotels or make fancy attractions they would have to cut down trees or reclaim land and it destroys the wildlife living in this areas and but cutting down trees in helps quicken global warming. This will still worsen as the tourist there may pollute the place by littering. And with the building of the new tourism area will come new international shops chains, with this the locals would earn less money then before and with all the bargaining most tourist like to do, they may not have enough money to sustain their families. But with these new ecotourism projects, the locals can benefit from this projects and will be able to sustain their families, the wildlife and the plants the can flourish and the tourist will be able to enjoy their holidays. Which we should not only be eco when visting other countries but we should also practice these at home. Like not taking a 30 minute shower but taking only 5 minutes, and not waste food. These projects will also let the tourist feel what is like to be living in local's shoes.


  17. I agree with the statement as tourism uses up a lot of resources and creates plenty of waste. Ecotourism changes all of these, letting us and the later generations see the true beauty of the world. Although ecotourism does not completely stop the depletion of resources, it reduces it, and that is a big help to the environment. This generation of people has made many foolish decisions, so I appreciate what ecotourism does to save the different kinds of wildlife that are around today

  18. Yes I agree with the article.
    In real life it is true to say that majority of the people agree that ecotourism must:

    1.Conserve the wildlife and culture of the area.
    2.Benefit the local people and involve the local community
    3.Be sustainable, that is make a profit without destroying natural resources
    4.Provide an experience that tourists want to pay for.

    Also it is not unfamiliar for us to prepare ourselves with the native language we are going to, in this way there will not have a language barrier between us. It can also help to ease our time spending to find places, markets etc.

    Although I agree with the passage,in my opinion I think it is not right to say that "Leave nothing behind you except footprints and take nothing away except photographs." In the country, most people do not only bring back souvenirs, they also bring back local delicacies to share with everyone once they are back home. It is killing two birds with one stone, buying the local delicacies not only let us enjoy the food, it also help the shop owner earn some profit.

  19. No. I do not recommend Ecotourism. Wherever humans go, litter follows. We cannot be sure that everyone will follow the rules, some people might destroy the environment instead of appreciating it.
    Not everyone follows the rules like we would and we must take notice of this point, or else without knowing, the environment that you are letting them into might be destroyed.

  20. Yes, with the environment deteriorating, we have to keep in mind what we do and we have to respect the people of the countries we visit. We also have to appreciate what they are doing for us and we do not want to offend them.