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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Chua Shuei Ray (11) Class: S1-09 The plight of North Korea

(Below is the text inside the poster.)

Hyeonseo Lee. The North Korean whom had escaped from North Korea, not only once, but twice. Not only to save herself, but her family. 

Her story starts when she was school girl, at the age of 7, when she witnessed her first public execution. From young, she had been raised to believe that North Korea was the best 
country on the world. She just thought that was life in North 

Then the 1990’s famine of North Korea struck. Her family never went hungry during this famine. But others did. One day, her family received a letter from her mother’s co-worker. It said; “When you read this, 5 family members will not exist on this world because we have not eaten for the past 2 weeks. We are lying on the floor together and our bodies are so weak, we are ready to die.” Later on, while she was boarding a train, she saw a lady, lying dead on the floor. Her child was looking at his mother’s face. Unable to do anything. 

That was when she left North Korea. During the famine, she was sent to China to live with some distant relatives where she was almost caught by the North Korean Government. Later on, she moved to South Korea, where she was once again, almost caught by the North Korean Government. There in South Korea, she got a job. Every month, she would send money to her family in North Korea. 

One day she received a letter. Her worst nightmare had come true. The North Korean Government had intercepted the money she sent to her family and were planning on throwing them into prison. But plans were being made to help them escape. She planned to leave South Korea, and travel to North Korea to help her family escape. 

Thus began the long trek to South Korea. Her plan was to help her family by getting safely across the border between North and South Korea. There were many occasions when she and her family was almost captured, but time and time again, she managed to help them escape.

But had her luck come to an end? At the border, her family had been captured and were sent to prison. Hyeonseo Lee had run out of money to bribe the guards with. She was helpless. Then help came. A man, a total stranger, went up to her and asked why she looked so sad. She told him everything. At once, the man went to an ATM an drew out enough money to bribe the guards to release her family members and some other North Koreans that had been imprisoned too. When she asked him why he was helping her, he said; ”I’m not helping you, I’m helping the North Korean People.”

At that moment, Hyeonseo Lee was moved. She now knew that out there, there were people that would help the North Koreans in need. 

Now, Hyeonseo Lee works to to help North Koreans, and end the suffering and the plight of North Korea. 

What can we do to help?

As members of the International Community, we can donate food, money. 
We can donate clothing and basic necessities. 
We can donate money. 
We can support efforts to help North Koreans.

Spread the word. Help the North Koreans.

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