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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is a holiday homework for English uploaded in google site. Please complete the work for term 3. Bring a print out for the first EL lesson after the June holidays.


Miss Esha

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Chua Shuei Ray (11) Class: S1-09 The plight of North Korea

(Below is the text inside the poster.)

Hyeonseo Lee. The North Korean whom had escaped from North Korea, not only once, but twice. Not only to save herself, but her family. 

Her story starts when she was school girl, at the age of 7, when she witnessed her first public execution. From young, she had been raised to believe that North Korea was the best 
country on the world. She just thought that was life in North 

Then the 1990’s famine of North Korea struck. Her family never went hungry during this famine. But others did. One day, her family received a letter from her mother’s co-worker. It said; “When you read this, 5 family members will not exist on this world because we have not eaten for the past 2 weeks. We are lying on the floor together and our bodies are so weak, we are ready to die.” Later on, while she was boarding a train, she saw a lady, lying dead on the floor. Her child was looking at his mother’s face. Unable to do anything. 

That was when she left North Korea. During the famine, she was sent to China to live with some distant relatives where she was almost caught by the North Korean Government. Later on, she moved to South Korea, where she was once again, almost caught by the North Korean Government. There in South Korea, she got a job. Every month, she would send money to her family in North Korea. 

One day she received a letter. Her worst nightmare had come true. The North Korean Government had intercepted the money she sent to her family and were planning on throwing them into prison. But plans were being made to help them escape. She planned to leave South Korea, and travel to North Korea to help her family escape. 

Thus began the long trek to South Korea. Her plan was to help her family by getting safely across the border between North and South Korea. There were many occasions when she and her family was almost captured, but time and time again, she managed to help them escape.

But had her luck come to an end? At the border, her family had been captured and were sent to prison. Hyeonseo Lee had run out of money to bribe the guards with. She was helpless. Then help came. A man, a total stranger, went up to her and asked why she looked so sad. She told him everything. At once, the man went to an ATM an drew out enough money to bribe the guards to release her family members and some other North Koreans that had been imprisoned too. When she asked him why he was helping her, he said; ”I’m not helping you, I’m helping the North Korean People.”

At that moment, Hyeonseo Lee was moved. She now knew that out there, there were people that would help the North Koreans in need. 

Now, Hyeonseo Lee works to to help North Koreans, and end the suffering and the plight of North Korea. 

What can we do to help?

As members of the International Community, we can donate food, money. 
We can donate clothing and basic necessities. 
We can donate money. 
We can support efforts to help North Koreans.

Spread the word. Help the North Koreans.

Friday, 10 May 2013

North Korea :DD By Li Ying and Johanna

North Korea Poster by Benjamin and Jiawei

(Sorry, for some reason, Blogger isn't allowing me to add a title T^T)

02_Dawn_Poster :D

helping north korea by yong liang


North korea by Darie

North Korea Poster by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17) S109

Heroic Escape from North Korea (Kenneth Mah)

North Korea Poster

There is widespread famine in North Korea, making life there very difficult. Public executions are also very common. The common folk live in fear every day, wondering whether they will die of hunger or by the hand of an official. Everyday people try to cross the border to China, to seek a better life, but the success rate of actually doing so is drastically low. For those who manage to go to China however, the Chinese will find them before reporting them to the police, to be shipped back to North Korea to undergo punishment, sometimes the punishments include torture or even a death penalty. Even though China and the other world superpowers know of this, they do nothing to help the citizens of North Korea, who only want a place to live where they do not have to fear death at every waking hour.
All these pieces of information were given by a North Korean Woman. She has to have a lot of courage to reveal this much information to the general public; only to be ignored by different world world leaders.

The plight of the North Koreans

If you can't read the words, her it is:

The woman at the top has left her country just so she can save her family and help them live on their lives, but has been through tough times while with them. Immigrants like them have no or little money when they live their homeland, and many of them get caught by the police. If they get sent bak to North Korea, they will get executed for leaving. She only wants one thing, and that is to allow North Koreans to live their lives happily.

We should persuade the North Korean government to open up to the rest of the world to help them , their not allowing us to help as they want to be seen to be strong, but this is going too far and it is killing the people in there, locking them up and not allowing them to leave.

The prices of their food have been increasing profusely and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

Let us persuade both the government and the citizens that we are not their enemies. Let’s help them live their dreams.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

North Korea O.o

By Sean Lim (19)

Heroic Escape

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The following are the tasks for today's lesson:

1. Watch the moving recount of a girl's heroic escape from North Korea at:


2. Next, design an online promotional poster using Glogster (or any other web tool) to:

a. highlight the plight of North Koreans as recounted by the girl. You may support the points with pics taken from the internet.

b. publicize the kind of help the international community should offer North Koreans so that they can have a better life.

3. Put up your poster on the EL blog. Make sure you add your name and class on the poster!


Miss Esha

Similes/Metaphors in a song (Kenneth Mah)

In a happy home, I was a king I had a golden throne.
This is a hyperbole. The meaning of that is he could get whatever he wanted and he was happy with what he had.
Those days are gone, now they're memories on the wall.
This is a metaphor. The line compares to how memories are never forgotten and gone, like something stuck in a wall.
See heaven's got a plan for you.
This is a metaphor. The line compares to how everything seems as if it was laid out from the start and things are starting to get better too.
We ruled the world, I thought I would never lose her out of sight.
This is a hyperbole. The meaning of that is they felt like kings and queens of the world, they felt incredibly powerful, as if they could do anything they want.

Crane and Dawn Similes/Metaphors in a song

Red - Taylor Swift

"Losing him was blue like I'd never known" (Simile)
 - Blue represents sad, and unhappy, just like the feeling after a break up

"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street" (Simile)
 - Comparing between how beautiful the ride was like in a Maserati car but ended quickly going to a dead end, and like how their relationship was beautiful before it ended

"Loving him was like trying to change your mind once you're already flying through the free fall" (Simile)
 - Comparing the love with the part of the season when that the leaves wither when the autumn season starts.

"Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met" (Simile)
 - Comparison between forgetting him and meeting someone new, whereby it takes time to know and understand the person.

"Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there's no right answer" (Simile)
 - Comparison between fighting with him and solving a crossword puzzle with no answer whereby no one will win when they fight and its hard.

Rihanna - Diamonds

"Shine bright like a diamond" (Simile)
 - Diamonds are known to be pure, natural and special. So Rihanna is trying to say that her "love" should have faith and shine like a diamond.

Demi Lovato - Heart Attack

"I think I'd had a heart attack" (Hyperbole)
 - She was exaggerating, saying that she can go crazy or have a heart attack from all the fan-girling over a guy

"I can play 'em like a Ken doll" (Simile)
 - She was trying to say that when she doesn't care, she "plays" with guys like dolls (i think)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Similes/metaphors in a song by Darie

"Today is a winding road it is taking taking me to places that I didn't want to go,"the first line is comparing his emotions of being lost and confusion to a winding road
"I'm wrapped up in vines,"is comparing his feelings of being trapped to the vines wrapping him
"you will always be my thunder,"I think he is comparing the girl to a thunder as the girl always hurts him like a lighting strikes a person(this is an assumption)

Similes/Metaphors in a song by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17)

My song: 
Train - 50 ways to say goodbye

My heart is paralyzed - He is comparing his sadness to his heart, to show that his relationship was very numb.
My head was over-sized - He is trying to show that he had too much pride and only did not listen to others.
She'll think I'm Superman - He is trying to show that his new girlfriend would think that he could do(almost) anything by calling him Superman.
Fried getting sun tanned - A person can't get fried, he just dies from the intense heat.
She met a shark underwater - You cannot meet a shark underwater as you'd be dead.
You were my everything - Something cannot be your everything in real life, he's trying to state that she was very important to him.
She dried up in the desert - You cannot completely dry up in a desert. He's trying to state that she will dehydrate and die.
Dance to death in an East Side nightclub - You cannot dance until you die. He's trying to state that she will dance a lot.
My pride still feels the sting - Your pride is an abstract noun, so it does not exist physically, and it cannot feel a sting.
She was caught in a mudslide - The mudslide can't catch you.
I'll take the high road like I should - He is comparing a road to his path in life. He shows that he should choose another path for his life.
My heart was paralyzed.
My head was over-sized. 

Fried getting sun-tanned.
Fell in a cement mixer full of quicksand. 

She dried up in the desert.
Drowned in the hot tub.
Danced to death at an East Side nightclub.  

Simile/Metaphors in a Song

The Song is Hot n Cold, sung by Katy Perry .
Here is the link to the song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTHNpusq654

The Lyrics : http://www.metrolyrics.com/hot-n-cold-lyrics-katy-perry.html

The type of Similes, Metaphors, e.g. in the Song :
~[You change your mind]Like a girl changes clothes .
~[Just like twins], so in sync .
~Now's a Dead battery. [No more energy]
~Stuck on a Roller Coaster, can't get off this ride . [You can't change your mind anymore]
~You're Hot then you're cold, You're Yes then you're No . [Alliteration]
~You're in then you're out, you're Up then you're out . [Alliteration]

Le song containing everything that Ms Esha taught-Shaun and Donovan

THIS IS... the song that me and Donovan chose. Its called Fireflies by Owl City.

Similes- NIL... sadly

Metaphor- And leave teardrops everywhere. (The song is comparing all the fireflies to teardrops, raindrops.

                 'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs. (The song is comparing fireflies all around him to being hugged

Alliteration- But I would just stand and stare (I don't think there's a need for explanation...)

Personification- 'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs. (Fireflies can't hug

                             As they tried to teach me how to dance. (Fireflies can't teach)
                             I got misty eyes as they said farewell. (Fireflies can't say farewell)

Hyperbole- If ten million fireflies. (Ten million is a lot!)

                     BY SHAUN AND DONOVAN

Sean and Javier Similes in Song :3

Similes are
  "Flyin like a G6"
       Describes how the person feels, the person feels like flying, which would be related to an airplane.
"poppin bottles in the ice like a blizzard"
      Describing the amount of ice there is, comparing it to a blizzard to empathise how cold it was.

Songs- Similes and Metaphors (Li Ying and Johanna)

A song with Similes and Metaphors

The link below leads to the song "A year without rain"
By Selena Gomez.

The lyrics in the song that leads to metaphors, similes, alliteration, personification and hyperbole are:
1) My world is an empty place
This metaphor compares the world, a world with a lot of people to the person's own 'world', meaning the person's mind and conception of the world. This tells us that the person is feeling very lonely and sad due to the insufficient number of friends.

2) Like I've wondering in the desert for a thousand days
This is a simile and hyperbole as it uses 'like' and it is exaggerating the fact that the person has wandered in the desert for a thousand days but truth to be told, it just means that the person is trying to say that he had been waiting a long time for something. Like waiting in a desert for someone, aimlessly.

3) A day without you is a day without rain
This is a hyperbole and metaphor as it is exaggerating the fact that without this person, you will not be able to live anymore, like a day without rain. If there is no rain, a drought will occur and the people will not be able to survive. This person is trying to show that without a particular person, this person will not be able to live his life anymore.

4) The stars are burning
This is a hyperbole as it is a exaggeration. Stars do not really burn, they produce light instead. This is to show the person's feelings of sorrow and loss.

5) My heart is yearning
This is a hyperbole and a form of personification as hearts do not yearn. This is to show that the person is having an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something.

6) Like the ocean is running dry
This is a simile as it uses the word 'like' and it compares the ocean with the person's feelings of sorrow. The ocean is running dry shows that the world is going to end is compared with the person's feelings of loss and sorrow.

7) It is the ground crumbling underneath my feet
This is a metaphor which compares the ground crumbling underneath one's feet, meaning one's world is going to end soon and it compares the person is feelings of sorrow and fear, and he wants to get the other person to help him.

Similes/metaphors in a song by Benjamin, Yong Liang & Jia Wei

Metaphors + Meaning:
-I could watch you for a life time - He is obsessed with "you" appearence
-You are my favourite movie - "you" is his favourite thing to watch.
-You mean everything to me - "you" is very important to him
-You are a cinema - He enjoys watching "you"
-Hollywood treasure - He is fond of "you"

Similes/metaphors in a song

Skyscraper by Demi Lovato
Vevo prevented it from being viewed on certain sites so I can't embed. :P

Skies are crying

Personification: she used it to represent how sad she was.

You can take everything I have 
You can break everything I am
Like I'm made of glass
Like I'm made of paper

Simile: She is comparing her brokeness to a torn paper or shattered glass.

Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper

Metaphor: She is comparing herself overcoming her problems to a skyscraper rising from the ground above the rest.

Similes and Metaphors

The video has already told us the similes in each sentence.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cByTrY-_uuM

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Songs - Metaphors and Similes Instructions

So sorry for posting this very late :(

Song With Simile and Metaphor by Axel and Nikisha (/o3o)/

Song: Titanium by David Guetta ft Sia :3

~ I'm bullet-proof, nothing to lose.
~ I am titanium

~ I cannot get hurt as I have no more feelings regarding the matter
~ I am very powerful and strong - like titanium

Song: Do or Die by Forever The Sickest Kids

~ Do or Die, we both break hearts

~ Determined to break others hearts

Similes in a song

The songs are "Fireworks" (Katy Perry) , "Love you like a love song" (Selina Gomez) and "Call me maybe"(Carly Rae Jepson)

In Love you like a love song, the simile is

I-I love you like a love song baby.

In Fireworks, the similes are

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag (1)
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin (2)
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in
Do you ever feel already buried deep? (3)
Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you
'Cause there's a spark in you?

In Call me maybe, the simile and hyperbole is

I'll trade my soul for a wish (1)
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this
But now our in my way.
Your stare was holding (2)
Rip jeans skin was showing
Hot night wind was blowing
Where do you think you are going baby.

The meanings are

1) Means that the person wants to be free, being carried by he wind of the future, being himself.
2) Means that the person is really at his end of his wits, so if he gets another blow, he will be in danger.
3) Means that the person is really in trouble, but no one comes to help him even though he asked others.

Love you like a song:
Means that the person loves the person so much so that the love line between seems like a love song that never ends.

Call me maybe:
1) She really wants that wish so badly that she is willing to give up part of her life to get it done.
2) The stare was so nice that she wants to stare at it for a really long time, but in this case, it is the singer           who is holding the stare, not the actor.

Similes and Metaphors! By Yang Teng, Shi Qiang & Ray


Kathy Perry "Hot & Cold"
Link: Hot and Cold
"You change your mind like a girl changes clothes"

~ This describes how a person changes their mind by comparing it to how a girls changes her clothes out for new ones.

Selena Gomez "Love You Like A Love Song"
Link: Love You Like A Love Song
"Love you like a love song baby"

~ This describes how a person loves by comparing it to the lyrics of a love song.


Gym Class Heroes "Stereo Hearts"
Link: Stereo Hearts
"And know my hearts a stereo that only plays for you"

~This describes a person only having one true love by comparing it to a stereo that only plays for one person.

Calvin Harris "Feel So Close"
Link: Feel So Close
"I feel so close to you right now, it's a force field"Ω

~This describes a person's love and caring for one another by comparing it to a force field that would protect the person that you love.

And a bonus...


Uncle Cracker "Smile"
Link: Smile
"I'm so so lucky to linger in your light"

~This describes the feeling of being blessed by comparing it to a light a person carries after you have wandered around in the dark for a long time.


Boulevard of Broken Dreams "Green Day"
Link: Green Day
"When the city sleeps"

~This describes the time of the night in the city where there is very little taking place in the city by comparing to sleeping.


Christina Perri "A Thousand Years"
Link: A Thousand Years
"I have died everyday waiting for you"

~This describes the feeling of waiting for a loved one to return while they are away by comparing to dying as the love one is a part of you, and without them you cannot live on.

Thanks for reading!


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

The following are your tasks for today's lesson. Use the following link to complete your tasks.


1. Scroll down the page and complete the sections "Preparation", "Task" and "Task 2".

2. You may either read the article or download the mp3 "Ecotourism" and listen to it.

3. Answer the following question as a comment on this blog:

Do you agree with what the article says? Why or why not?


Miss Esha