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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The day I played a prank on.....

I'll start with what I call PEEL


- Friend likes playing April Fools jokes on me every 1 April.
- I planned to prank him so that he would stop pranking me.
- I put in some really spicy pepper in his cake he bought for recess
- His whole face was totally red.
- Laughter from other friends, while acting innocent


- He bought a strawberry shortcake and it was the perfect colour to fit with my red pepper.
- Such a fine prank on a fine "pranker".
- Was acting to be innocent since I don't usually prank others.


- Likes to tell me that there is something in his locker to get something for him, and inside, there is a picture stating "April fool's  :D"


-  NIL

The "mountain"

I'm having problems posting the picture up :(

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