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Friday, 5 April 2013


1) Identify the character VS character conflicts
2)What is the major problem in the story?
3) How does another character create conflict?
4) Is there another type of conflict in the story? If yes, then can you identify?

1) Ugly Duckling VS the other duckling and Ugly Duckling VS the baby marsh birds ( Ugly duckling VS mother duck, Ugly Duckling VS mother marsh bird and Ugly Duckling Vs wooden duck )
2) The major problem is that the ugly duckling was a swan born in the nest of a duck so he looks different from the others and was despised
3) The baby marsh bird told the Ugly Duckling that he is out of tune and that his mother should give more singing lessons. Then another conflict is created by the mother marsh bird. She created it by chasing the Ugly Duckling, calling him an ugly thing.
4) Yes. Character VS self. ( Character VS society. Everyone thinks he is different.)

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