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Thursday, 4 April 2013

conflict by yong liang

1.Identify the character vs. character conflicts .
a)the ugly duckling vs. the mother and father ducks
b)the ugly duckling vs. the young ducks
c)the ugly duckling vs. the marsh birds
d)the ugly duckling vs. the wooden duck

2.What is the major problem in the story ?
The ugly duckling was unsure of where he belongs and was very disliked by everyone he mets, except for the swans,because he was looked and sounded different

3.How does the another character create another conflict
The mother failed to accept the ugly duckling

4.Yes , there is , the ugly duckling thinks he was ugly because nobody liked him and he looked at the distorted image of himself  (character vs. self)
and the ugly duckling looked different so he felt extremely looked out

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