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Friday, 5 April 2013


  I was walking in a dark alley when I realised that I was being followed  .If i don't do something fast I am going to be trouble, but what can I do?

    It was a calm peaceful evening and I was heading home from fencing . I was exhausted just like always after fencing and the only thing I could think of how much I wanted to go home .most of my friends were going home by bus while I was walking to the train station . Suddenly , I realised that I was being followed . My heart skipped a beat and broke into a cold sweat. 'What should I do ,if I don't do anything i am doomed . If i can get on the train at the station , I will be safe , but I can't sprint with my heavy bag .What should I do?' I thought 

    I made my decision , I immediately broke into a sprint and made a had dash for the train station . When I glanced back the shadowy figure was still hot on my hills . I ran up the escalator and wiped out my card , scanned it and quickly boarded my approaching train .On board the train , I let out a sigh of relief , thinking that I was safe , but I was not out of the woods yet . The persistent mysterious figure was on the train and was walking towards me .i started walking the other way towards the approaching stations escalator . while I was trying to get away , I noticed there were no other students on the train . When the train stopped , I galloped down the escalator and took out my phone and started to call the police , and reported everything to them , telling them to hide at my block . 

   I waited anxiously for the next train that would take me home to arrive , remembering to keep a constant look out for the 'kidnapper' . I jumped on the train and tried to catch my breath . However I let my gut down and he was very near me and looked like he was going to take something out of his pocket. When the situation looked dire , the train door's opened and I made a sprint for my flat . Once I was near enough , I pretended that I was exhausted and started walking . The man saw this and dashed towards me . At that moment the poise jumped out of the bushes and ambushed the kidnapper.

   The 'Kidnapper' was shocked out of his wits and was rooted to the spot .At that moment, I was very proud for helping catch a kidnapper . Suddenly , the man took out a very familiar set of keys . I was shocked and realised my keys were gone . So this whole time the man just wanted to return my keys . I asked the man ," Why didn't you just tell me ? That would have save us a lot of hassle ." The man did not say anything he only made a few hand signs to indicate that he was unable to speak . I was very embarrassed and proceeded to thank the man. 

  This entire experience taught me not to jump to conclusion and not to judge people too quickly .

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