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Friday, 5 April 2013

Character Conflict!

1. Identify the character v.s character conflicts:

Answer: 1. Ugly Duckling v.s Other Ducklings.
              2. Ugly Duckling v.s Marsh Bird Mother.
              3. Ugly Duckling v.s Wooden Duck.

2. What is the major conflict in the story?

Answer: Ugly Duckling v.s Self.

3. How does another character create conflict?

Answer: The other Characters create conflict by excluding the Main Character (Ugly Duckling).

4. Is there another type of conflict in the story? If yes, then can you identify?

Answer: There are two other Conflicts:

1. Main Character v.s Society. (Ugly Duckling was excluded from the rest of the birds until the end.)

2. Main Character v.s Self. (Ugly Duckling has low self-esteem due to being excluded. )

Thanks for reading!

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