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Sunday, 24 March 2013

English Composition

Name: Lok Yang Teng
Date: 5 March 2013 

I was walking in a dark alley after I finished school. My eyes flecked with gold when the sun was on them. And as the sun set over the mountain, drawing a deep red wound on the sky, there was more than just gold in my eyes, there was anger;for I was cut to the quick by the teacher’s remarks-----the culmination of insults from the teacher,whom we called madame had given me. 

I was in the school for the girls. The only girl’s school in the whole entire village. Tuition was almost obligatory in the school. I was poor,poorer than all other girls. “You have to spend another year in the eighth grade if you continue with this result.”  “And if you don’t like that idea, you can transfer out, a school where they accept student’s whose blouse is torn, socks are never clean, and your tunic is tattered.” 

Madame shown her large crooked teeth, which was supposed to be a good nature grin. All the students nodded dutifully. Sycophancy was part of the school curriculum. “Ring,Ring......”the school bell reverberated throughout the whole school compound. Students immediately streamed out of the school compound, back to the village.

“She’s a mean old thing. Ugly, smelly.”Usher was speaking. “Her laugh reminds me of donkey-braying.” But in fact, I wasn’t listening, I was staring at the silhouette of the tall pine trees. A full moon was coming, a thing that meant something special to me. Abruptly, I said, “I’ll take the shortcut home” Nevertheless, my friends were used to my sudden whim.

The short cut took me through the oak forest. The crooked, tormented branches of the oak threw twisted shadows across the path. A jackal,a dog like wild animal,howled at the moon; a nightjar called from the bushes. I walked fast, not because of fear, but of urgency and my breath came in short gasp. Something is going to happen.

As I sprinted back home, my limbs were becoming more sinewy, steps became lighter.Refusing dinner, I went to my small room and flung the window open. Moon-beams crept through the window-sill and over my long arm with were now covered with golden furs. My strong nails have shredded the rotten wood on the window-sill. Tail swishing and ears pricked, a leopard came swiftly out of the windows, crossed the open field behind the house, and melted into the shadows. 

Being a cheetah now, my senses improved, my eyes could see the slight moving animals, my ears could hear the slightest noise despite in the winter. Bright moonlight bathed through the trees to the path. But I knew where the shadow was the deepest and I beautifully merged with them to avoid being spotted.

Firstly, how to get to madame? Having been there once before for a short drunken visit that started well but ended in a haze not unlike, in it’s texture, for once I now grouped, had only the dimmest memory to go there. 

(I mistakenly drank a bottle of rum and got drunk, the vision I had at that time was similar to now except for now was winter, luckily I am able to go there but with the slightest memory now.) 

Luckily I somehow remembered when I reached the bakery, I had to turn left. Fortunately, there was enough light to distinguish people from letter boxes. The letter boxes in my embittered view, had warmer personalities than the people, but the people although not notably less taciturn, at least know how to give directions --- if they feel like it. I asked a little nice old lady to where the Cat’s Club was were where I was going to have my lunch, if I ever found it, but perhaps I partially located her by touch, I took only me quarter an hour to calm her down. She pointed down the street and told me to turn right once reached the end. How I wish there was this ‘GPS’ in my era. I turned right too early and went to a pub which I mistook for the Cat’s Club until put right by the man at the counter. Before I could leave, he managed to regale me with his entire repertoire of jokes about kangaroo, koalas, dunnies and walking in the upside down outback. Ha Ha Ha...but I have gotten use to the English’s sense of humor, but preferred to steer clear of it as possible, for fear of laughing too hard 

That was recalled in seconds.

Madame was walking home through a dark alley. She has just finished dinner in cat’s club just to foil their husbands’ affiliation. Seconds later, a huge majestic creature appeared in front of her. I lunged myself to her throat. Unfortunately, her screamed did not materialised. This was the perfect murder. No one would ever suspect me of murdering madame. Morning was coming, home was the next destination.  Hours past and Usher and Bindi was coming. 

“Quickly or you will be late, or madame would scold you again.”
“I don’t feel like going today”
“Madame wouldn’t be pleased”
“Shall we tell her that you’re sick?”
“Don’t bother, I’m sure it’s going to be a holiday” and I gave her one of my mysterious smile.

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