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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Introduction to Narratives

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Task for Lesson 2 (to be done in class):

You will watch a video. At intervals, you will answer the following questions.

1. At 4:02 mins, answer these questions as comments on this post:

a. Do you understand what is going on so far?
b. Who are the different people seen earlier?
c. What is Daniel trying to do?
d. What do you think is going to happen next?

2. At 4:39 mins, answer these questions:

a. Who is this doctor? Why does Daniel have to see a second doctor?
b. How do you think the story is going to end?

3. After seeing how the film ends, answer these questions: 

a. What was the twist? Was this similar to what you predicted earlier?
b. Why was it unexpected?
d. Were there any hints /clues leading to the ending? 

4. Conclusion:

a. What techniques do you think the director used to make the narrative captivating?

Here's the link from where you can retrieve the video.


Miss Esha


  1. 1a. I'm not that sure.
    1b. They seem to be his controller, controlling what he says and his feelings.
    1c. Trying not to get influenced by the others.
    1d. Going to get too angry that he may do things that he can not control.
    2a. He is a replacement.
    2b. Some people get hurt or he never gets back to his own head again.
    3a. He killed his first doctor, and she is part of his mind.
    3b. He isn't the one who killed, but his personality.
    3c. No, or maybe not to me.
    4a. Used some sounds at the beginning of the video which builds up the feeling of watching it.

  2. 1a. I do understand the video.
    1b. They were the different personalities that Daniel had.
    1c. He is trying to fix this disorder by working with the doctor.
    1d. He will lose control again and will be brought back into his cell.
    2a. The doctor is the main doctor and the one who is actually trying to cure this disorder.
    2b. I still think that the man will eventually lose control.
    3a. It was totally unexpected, the first doctor was actually one of his personalities.
    3b. I thought that the first doctor was actually a real person who is trying to cure the disorder, but ended up as the personality that was caused by the disorder itself.
    3c. The only clue I can think of was when the second doctor came in.
    4. He twisted the story and turned a protagonist(someone who helps him) into(somehow) an antagonist(one of his personalities).

  3. 1a) Yes.
    1b) They are the split personalities of Daniel.
    1c) Daniel is trying to clear his mind and thoughts of his split personalities.
    1d) There would be human experimentations on Daniel.
    2a) The second doctor is known as 'Doctor Blake'. They might have thought that different results might be obtained from Daniel if different doctors asked him similar questions.
    2b) Daniel is going back to his cell and he will continue to be evaluated and checked on.
    3a) The twist was that the first doctor was actually one of Daniel's split personalities. It was not similar to what I expected.
    3b) The first doctor seemed legitimate.
    3c) The doctor was able to see the split personalities.
    4a) He created problem after problem, adding a plot twist at the end to completely wow the audience and watchers.

  4. 1a) I understand what is happening so far.
    1b) The different people seen earlier are the people who represent Daniel's different personalities.(happy, angry, sad etc)
    1c) He is trying to be himself, gaining control of his thoughts and emotions. He is trying to act normally and he wants to get out of the cell he is in.
    1d) I think that he will lose control of his mind again and be sent for rehabilitation and psychological treatment.

    2a) He had to have a second doctor because he probably managed to gain control of the first doctor, thus making the first doctor into one of his personalities.
    2b) I think the ending of the story would be that Daniel would take control of most minds but one will soon cure him.

    3a) The twist was that the first doctor, who was a professional one, trained to cure Daniel back to his usual self, was hypnotised by Daniel, thus becoming one of his personalities. It was not similar to what I predicted earlier.
    3b) It was unexpected as even a professional doctor got hypnotised by Daniel and is now in his mind.
    3c) There were no clues to the ending.

    4a) The director managed to include suspense throughout the whole video and the plot of this story is rather interesting as we do not see this in real life. Also, the director includes an unexpected ending so that viewers will be stunned and will pay attention to the video.

  5. 1a.Yes I understand.

    b. The different people that I have seen Behind Daniel were the different split personalities that he has. Different moods that can switch randomly. (Happy, Carefree, Serious, Agitated and calm.)

    c.Daniel Was trying to gain control over himself, he was struggling to fight against his violent change of personalities.

    d. Daniel Gains control of himself, he gets released and then his split personalities start to come back again and gain control over him.

    2a. The Doctor was there to identify his condition. He had to see a second doctor as they are probably working very hard to find out what is wrong with him, thus many doctors were deployed to observe him.

    3a. Daniel has the personality of the first doctor. No it was not similar

    b. The twist was.... DANIEL! yes, it turned out that Daniel could, in fact ,manipulate anyone that he listens to.

    c. Yes, the way Daniel acted as he was talking to the doctor was calm, it almost seemed like he was a robot in recovery mode or something...

    4a. The director depicted the different characters very realistically and there was great suspense when the second doctor came in. The most awesome part was when the first doctor was seen controlling Daniel.

  6. 1a) yes
    1b)Daniel's different personalities.
    1c)He is trying to listen to the doctor but his different personalities is interrupting him
    1d)He will control his mind and escape the place.
    2a)The second doctor is going to ask him some question the next few weeks.
    2b)He escape.Since he has different personalities he will be the smartest person ever as he can view things from multiple perspective and he will be famous.
    3a)The first doctor is just his imagination.
    3b)it turns out everything is just in his head and the first doctor was fake.
    3d)the hint is the doctor actually shouted to the other personalities
    4a)The film kept us asking a lot of question and ideas about Daniel so we are interested in him.The film also have a twist in the end which makes the film more interesting.The atmosphere of the film is dark and scary and it seems very serious

  7. 1. a) Not really.
    b) They are Daniel's split personalities.
    c) I think he is trying to control and free his mind from all his other personalities
    d) I think he is going to "explode"
    2. a) He is Doctor Blake, another doctor that is supposed to help him solve his multi personality problem
    b) He is going to be alright?
    3. a) Apparently I do not understand the last part. So I guess the twist is that he has one more personality, and that is the first doctor's. No, it was not.
    b) i thought he was okay already
    c) The doctor being one more personality?

  8. 1a. I understand what is going on.
    1b. The different people, it seems, are the multiple personalities that are inside Daniel's (the man that was escorted to the room) head/mind.
    1c. Daniel is trying to break free form the other personalities inside his head and speak freely as himself.
    1d. Daniel either fails to break free from the other personalities controlling him, or one of the personalities inside him become dominant and controls his body for a short while, possibly causing chaos.

    2a. The first doctor that we see is a female doctor. She is trying to help Daniel to free himself from the control of the other personalities inside of his head/mind so that she can cure him of his multiple personality disorder.
    Daniel has to see another doctor as this doctor has to evaluate whether he is mentally stable enough to take the psychic evaluation test and pass so that he can participate in the program that will slowly integrate him back into normal society.
    2b. At this point, I think that Daniel will be able to go for the psychic evaluation test and and eventually integrate back into normal society.

    3a. When the second doctor evaluating him, Daniel was not replying. Instead, it was another personality. But this time, this personality is the personality of the first doctor that evaluated him.
    The twist was totally different from what I thought would happen.
    3b. This totally surprised me as usually, people multiple personality disorder usually only have a fixed number of personalities. And secondly, even if another personality was to form, it probably would not be almost the same as a real life person.
    3c. There were no clues to the video's ending.

    4. The director uses the setting to set the mood. The mood then continues on to improve the overall feeling of the film. (The mood is creepy and unknown.) The director also depicted the main character in a different way. Instead of just showing Daniel as a raving, crazy lunatic, he instead shows us the different personalities inside of him. This enables us to connect better to him, and pity him as we can see how the multiple personalities fight to control him and preventing him from speaking.
    The best part however, is the part where Daniel takes on a new personality, which is the first doctor which interviewed him. It explains how Daniel has so many different personalities as it provides the possible explanation on why Daniel has so many personalities inside his head/mind. It also unnerves the audience, seeing that Daniel changes personality and yet speak so normally. If I was there, I don't think I would be able to tell the difference between the first doctor personality and Daniel's personality.

  9. 1a : i think so.
    1b : i think they are split personalities of many other person whom he have met.
    1c : he is trying to get out of that place by using the doc's personality to pass the test.
    1d : he is going to using the other people personalities if that doc's personalities doesn't work.

    2a : the second doctor is the doctor that will be asking Daniel the questions to prove that he have came back.
    2b : the story is going to end by letting Daniel go just by those testes that have be conducted.

    3a : the twist was that Daniel used the previous doctor's personalities to answer the next doc's questions. It was not what i had predicted earlier.
    3b : the unexpected was that Daniel used the doc's personalities to try to get out.
    3c : the hint is that the previous doctor is 'standing' beside him and 'telling' him what are the answers to the questions.

    4a : the film's atmosphere is dark and scary at the same time , and to keep the film interesting the director put a lot of questions to be ask to Daniel to keep the audience to want to watch the video.

  10. 1a. I do not really understand.
    1b. They seemed to be Daniel’s different personalities.
    1c. He is trying to clear his mind off and gain control over himself.
    1d. I think that he might lose his control again like in the beginning of the video.
    2a. The doctor is a replacement of the previous doctor, and he is the main one.
    2b. I think that he might lose control again and may hurt other people.
    3a. He killed the first doctor, and she became part of his mind.
    3b. I did not expect that he could use people to control his mind.
    3c. There is not, from what I see.
    4a. The director made sound effects in the beginning to make the video feel scary.

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  12. 1a.yes i do understand
    1b.they are Daniel's multiple personalities
    1c.he wants to regain his original personality from the others he made up.
    1d.he will regain control of his personalities
    2a.the first doctor is one of his multiple personalities
    2b.daniel is going to pass the test, but only because he has help from his "doctor", who actually is one of his multiple personalities.
    3a.the first doctor is actually one of his multiple personalities.
    3b.i assumed that the first doctor was the real doctor
    3c.no there were no clues at all
    4a.the director portrayed daniel's multiple personalities as real people

  13. 1a. I understand.
    1b. Daniel's different personalities.
    1c. He is trying to get out of wherever he was.
    1d. I think Daniel would have a mental breakdown.

    2a. He was the real doctor.
    2b. Daniel would be evaluated and released from wherever he was.

    3a. The first doctor was one of Daniel's personalities, serious. No
    3b. The first doctor looked like she was real, and was really helping Daniel.
    3c. No.

    4. The director thought of how the audience would predict and infer from the video, and he made teh outcome different.

  14. 1a. Yes, I do understand.
    1b. They are his personalities
    1c. He is trying to control his mind
    1d. He will lose his mind again.

    2a. He is another doctor helping Daniel
    2b. Daniel will be evaluated and released?

    3a. No ._. Totally not what I expected
    3b. Because I thought that the female doctor was the helping Daniel but it turned out that she was one of his personalities
    3c. No?

    4. There were many unexpected events
    ( Sorry for late comment)

  15. 1a. I somewhat understand.
    1b. The people represent Daniel's different personalities.
    1c. He is trying to gain back control over his mind.
    1d. He will lose control of his mind again then he will kill himself.
    2a. He is the actual doctor the guard/doctor at the beginning was referring to.
    2b. He will kill everyone and later on kill himself.
    3a. He had killed the first doctor and that first doctor is actually one of his personalities.
    3b. He has the ability to turn people into his personalities.
    3c. Not at all, at least not to me.
    4. He/she built up suspense throughout the video and made the whole video somewhat scary.

  16. 1a. I understand what is going on through the doctor's diagnosis (heard while walking down the corridor) and the different people that seem to be talking to the doctor.
    1b. They are the man's different personalities.
    1c. He is trying to focus on answering the doctor's question through the chaos in his mind.
    1d. I think the doctor will counsel him.
    2a. The female doctor was to calm him down and help him while the other doctor was there to ask him questions for his evaluation.
    2b. I think that he will be released.
    3a. The first doctor was one of his personalities. No.
    3b. His doctor personality helped him control himself, when normally it would cause more chaos.
    3c. Yes, In the room, the "girl" asked one of the other personalities, "Who is the lady?". He answered,"She's one of them". She was also able to see, hear, regard and control the other personalities. She talked to the other personalities using "we".
    4a. He put in a lot of suspense and conflict.

  17. 1a) Yes
    1b)They were Daniel's multiple personality
    1c)He wants to regain his original personality, the one he was born with
    1d)The doctor would ask Daniel some questions and he would lose his mind again
    2a)The first doctor was supposed to calm down Daniel before the second doctor talks to Daniel
    2b)Daniel would get realized
    3a)The first doctor turns out to be one of Daniel's personalty. No
    3b)Most people would think the first doctor was just a regular doctor
    3c)Yes. The first doctor asked Daniel's personalities to keep quiet
    4a) The director had used twist in the story

  18. 1a) he is talking as in different personalities to the doctor
    1b) they are his different personalities
    1c) trying to prevent his other personalities from affecting him
    1d) Daniel loses control again

    2a) the second doctor , to test for reliability
    2b)Daniel finally is under control and while his outside of jail ,he gets crazy again and the story suddenly stops

    3a) the first doctor IS one of his personalities
    3b) because the first doctor acted like she was not affected by the other people
    3c) somehow , but you have to be able to hear and get it ,the doctor asks all of them to shut up as if they are real after Daniel talks crazy about his name and the girl personality asked who is she and one of them said " she's one of them "

    4a)the writer gives a really good twist that not many people would see coming

  19. 1a) YES.
    1b) The people are his different personalities.
    1c) He was trying to use the one of his personalities, the “doctor” to overtake all the other personalities to calm down and be as normal as possible before the real doctor comes in.
    1d) The other personalities would overtake the “doctor” again.

    2a) This is the real doctor. The previous “doctor” was one of his personalities.
    2b) He will be finally mentally sane forever.

    3a) The “doctor” was one of his personalities. Yes he had only ONE personality at a time.
    3b) I taught that he will have his personality afterwards but then, he had a fake doctor’s personality.
    3c) NO.
    4) It mixed all the audios of different people to portrait Daniel’s mental state of mind.

  20. 1A: Yes
    1B: They are Daniel's personalities
    1C: He is trying to control them but fails at doing so.
    1D: The doctor might get frustrated and snap out
    2A: The first doctor is one of Daniel's personality. The second doctor is the doctor who interviews him and is not part of his personally.
    2B: It might end with the second doctor being able to cure Daniel.
    3A: The twist was that the first doctor was actually part of Daniel's personality. No, I assumed the first doctor was actually the one going to interview him.
    3B: I dont know how to explain... Maybe it was the fact that the first doctor was able to act so well that you might think she was real.
    3C: No.. I cant find one.
    4: he made the characters play their role in such a way that u cant tell who is who. The film plays mind games with you, giving u unexpected twists at the moment u least expect.