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Sunday, 3 February 2013


1) Making a friend in SST

Purpose-To get to know my classmate
Context-It is the first time that i am seeing my new classmates, i need to know them better so that in future we can work well together
Dialogue-"Hi my name is Crane, how are you? What is your name?"

2)Disagreeing with a teacher

Purpose-To tell my English teacher a mistake that she made marking my worksheet
Audience-My English teacher
Context-My English teacher marked one of the questions in my English worksheet wrongly so i had to tell her about the mistake.
Dialogue-"Ms Tan i think you marked question two wrongly.

3)Asking a stranger for directions

Purpose-To get directions to the nearest MRT station

Context-I lost my way in a place where i have never been before so i had to ask a stranger where is the nearest MRT station to get home
Dialogue-"Excuse me, may I know how do i get to the nearest MRT station"

4)Praising someone's work

Purpose-To praise my classmate for putting so much effort in her work
Context-I saw my classmates work and saw that she placed a lot of effort in it so i wanted to praise her
Dialogue-"Wow! How much effort did you put in this! It is very nice!"

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