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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Individual Class Activity for 13th Feb

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

A. Please visit the link below and complete the activities as instructed. There are 4 tabs to look at in the following order:

1. Preparation
2. Task
3. Task 2
4. Transcript


B. After completing the above, answer the following questions on the EL blog.

1. What kind of sweets / candies did you like as a child? Describe them.
2. Do you still eat sweets? If yes, which ones? If no, what do you like to eat instead?
3. What do you think is / are an equivalent of penny sweets in Singapore?


Miss Esha

PS. Show and Tell to be pushed back to Thursday.


  1. Any ways, Yes I still love candies and they taste very nice and I love skittles and other sweets as long they don't stick onto my teeth. And there are some sweets that are really sold for $0.10 in Tampines. I would tell only if someone ask. :3 As a child I love all type of sweets on earth :)

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