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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Daris Sweets XD)))

1. What kind of sweets / candies did you like as a child? Describe them.
Ans : I like Nutella as a child . It taste like Hi-Chew (which I still like) , it is chewy soft and tasty . I hardly see anybody selling these days. I wonder what will happen to it ... ...
2. Do you still eat sweets? If yes, which ones? If no, what do you like to eat instead?
Ans : Yes , I practically eat any sweets other than licorice as it is bitter and not tasty . I still prefer bubble gums , such as White Knight because I love chewy mints and chocolates . White Knight is a very GOOD combination of both .
3. What do you think is / are an equivalent of penny sweets in Singapore?
Ans : Some sweets are better , some sweets are worst , and most sweets about the same . You cannot say the same for all.

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