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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


1. What kind of sweets/candies did you like to eat as a child? Describe them.

I went to America when I was around six, so I was exposed to many different kinds of sweets and candy. One of the sweets that I use to eat was a lollipop called 'Tootsi Pop' Basically, they were lollipops with chewing gum inside of them. So, you would have to lick and suck the lollipop until you reached the gum underneath. Then you would tear the gum off of the lollipop stick. It was so fun to eat them. There was this challenge that was printed on the 'Tootsi Pop' wrapper and it said, "How many licks does it take to finish a tootsie pop. I always tried answer that question. And I would always fail...

2. Do you still eat sweets? If yes, which ones? If no, what do you like to eat instead?

Yes, I still eats sweets! Who wouldn't? Anyways. the sweets that a usually eat nowadays are sadly of not as good quality as the one is the U.S. Nonetheless, I still have some favorites. One of them is the White Rabbit Candy. They always fascinated me as you could eat the wrapper as well as the sweet. I stopped eating them when I saw on the news that there was this company that made the white candy sweets and put plastic in them....

Another one is the Mentos sweets! I used to eat them every Sunday when my grandmother would bring me home from church and buy my sister and I sweets.

3. What do you think is/are the equivalent of penny sweets in Singapore?

Well. one of them would definitely be Mentos. they are sold SO cheaply. Another one would be those sweets found in those little gumball machines, where you insert a dollar coin and you would get a handful of sweets...

Another one would be those Chupa lollipops. The machines that they use to sell those are COOL! And plus, the lollipops that they sell are good to suck on...

Thank you for read this long post! I was using this post top help me in show and tell tomorrow!

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