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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

1. What kind of sweets / candies do you like as a child? Describe them.

I like the Black Jack the most during my childhood days. From them, although it may stick onto m teeth, the taste will never change, don't judge a book by it's cover. The paramount flavour of the liquorice is superb. The sticky gum distinguish it from other brands of candy. You may have a fun time playing with the sweet as the succulent juice of liquorice flow out. It will definitely a good choice to choose from if you are finding sweets. As compared from the sugary Cola bottles or Plastics Gummy or Flumps, it is definitely a different choice, try one now and probably you may like it!

2.Do you still eat sweets? If yes, which ones? If no, what do you like instead?

Yes I still eat sweets. It us like part of my life, weekly I would eat some even though there are health problems if eating too much. Having your body too high in sugar will result in high blood pressure, diabetics, obesity, liver cancer and many more. So when choosing sweets, I would choose those that are low in sugar and regulate my time eating it as consuming too much of it would result in health benefits.

3.What do you think is / are equivalent of penny sweets in Singapore?

I think those in the mini marts, super markets, hypermarkets. The sweets are to be scooped up and put into plastic bags which will be weighed later. Once weighed, you will get the price to pay according to the candy / sweets weight.

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