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Monday, 14 January 2013


I have learnt about Ellipsis,Back-channel,Binomials and Trinomials, Discourse makers,Hedging,Fronting,Tags and Vague language. I have learnt their meanings and how to use them. For example, Discourse makers. It is use by speakers and serve the function of marking boundaries in conversations. Example: It was pleasant in the morning however it started to rain in the evening. Another example is the Hedging. It is also use by speakers and is a strategy used when the speaker wants to beat about the bush.
Example:"probably","maybe","perhaps","most probably ","I think " and "sort of". We use discourse speech in our daily life. Talking on the phone,or a speech, it is all discourse speech. Learning discourse speech has an advantage, we know what we are talking, is it tags,hedging or vague language. In this way, we will be a good orator. 

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