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Monday, 14 January 2013

Reflection on Discourse Features

I learnt about different types of discourse feature such as Ellipsis, Back-Channel, Binomials and Trinomials, Discourse Markers, Hedging, Fronting, Tags and Vague Language. These discourse features are included in our everyday life when we speak. We usually do not even notice them when we speak. After the lesson about discourse features, I realized that most of the time when I speak, I am actually using all kinds of discourse features.

A quick run through on some of the discourse features:

Ellipsis- It is like we remove part of a sentence to make it shorter, but the meaning of the sentence still lies in there. Eg- "Tomorrow." -> (original) "It will be held tomorrow."
Back-channel- It is to show that the listener knows what the speaker is saying and the listener understands the speaker. Eg- "Uh huh, Right, etc."
Fronting- It refers to changing the subject of the sentence of the sentence in order to change the emphasis. Eg- I finished the drawing. -> The drawing was finished by me.

Discourse features are very interesting to me. It lets me know more about what we say in our daily life. So, I hope to learn more about discourse features!  

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