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Monday, 14 January 2013

Reflection on discourse features

I have learnt that discourse features help us in our everyday lives, they help us mark the contrast between two parts of a sentence, give an indication for the speaker to continue and also shorten a sentence into a phrase or shorter sentence that has the same meaning.
Ellipsis is when we emit part of a sentence to shorten it.
Back Channel is a short response to the speaker to continue speaking.
Binomials and Trinomials are groups of words that can only go together.
Discourse Markers mark boundaries in sentences where one part contrasts with the other.
Hedging is used when the speaker wants to delay and beat about the bush.
Fronting is changing the subject of the sentence to change the emphasis of the sentence.
Tags are usually added to a declarative statement if the speaker is not sure if what he is declaring is correct.
Vague Language is used to be imprecise to make the speaker seem less authoritative.
Discourse features are very useful to make sentences more diverse, without them, we would not have such a elegant language.

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