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Monday, 14 January 2013

Reflection of discourse features 

I have learnt many discourse features of spoken language, I'll share with you some of them. one of them is called a  ellipsis which is used by the speaker, this words refers to us omitting part of a sentence and yet the sentence still carries the same meaning. another disclosed feature is called back-channel which is used by the listener, its refers to noises and short verbal responses made by the listener like for example "Right","un-huh" and"really". Another disclosed feature is binomials and trinomals, these are types of expressions that are fixed that are fixed in order and words cannot be changed like “to and fro”. Other than the three above is one I hear quite often. It is called discourse marker which serve the function of marking bouderies in the conversation like however, despite and but.
Another one i learnt is fronting which is changing the subject of the sentence to change the emphasis. One example is “I ate the ice cream” but when we do fronting it changes the sentence to “the ice cream was eaten by me”. out of all the discourse features there are i only use a few of them especially discourse markers, back-channel and fronting. 

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