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Monday, 14 January 2013

Reflection! (About Discourse Features)

  What I have learnt about English Discourse Features:

  English discourse features are necessary for daily communication. Without it, we literally could not communicate well together.

  For example, if we did not have Discourse Markers, we could not have boundaries in conversation! (e.g. We could not say that 'It was windy and sunny in the morning, BUT it rained in the afternoon.' Without the Discourse Marker 'BUT', we could not say the sentence correctly. It would sound so funny!) 

  Or another thing. If there were no Vague Language or Hedging, spies trying to disguise themselves as the enemy could not be vague in their language! They could potentially die, or other people might die!

   Or Tags? Tags are used to make some sentences sound a lot politer. So, the people that are bossy could be more polite! Imagine if there was no Tags! (I don't even want to think about it!)

  One last thing would be the Back Channel. If there was no Back Channel, there would be people calling others on the phone multiple times too make sure that that person was listening to them. That could be quite inconvenient! (Imagine the phone bill we could rack up!)

  So, from the recent English lesson, I now know that English Discourse Features are needed for English speech. Or else there would be a miscommunication between all of us! 

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